Ah Yee Curry Mee @ Kepong Baru KL: Famous Curry Chee Cheong Fun in KL

Ah Yee Curry Mee at Kepong KL has chee cheong fun that is more famous than its curry noodles, despite the restaurant ‘s name.

Ah Yee Curry Mee, or 阿姨咖喱面 is located along Jalan Kepong Baru, the street surrounded by many other Chinese street food such as Hoo Yee Kee prawn mee, Onn Kee roast duck, seafood restaurants and Hoong Kee wantan mee, just to name a few. Chee Cheong Fun is the highlight here, and of course it is popular with a reason.

The owner has been in F&B for over 20 years, started humbly as a stall selling traditional breakfast like economy mee hoon and chee cheong fun. As time goes by, she expanded breakfast selections in her stall. Response from customers were so good that she was requested to shift out from the kopitiam. Everything happened in a blink, many regular customers were not informed on her new whereabout.

When she finally settled down in this premise along Jalan Kepong Baru, things didn’t go smooth as she wished to. Business was really bad because nobody knew she had already shifted here. Sometimes, she had less than 10 customers for the whole day. But, thanks to her loyal customers who seek high and low for her new stall, business slowly picked up and after months, everything resumed to as it used to be. Loyal customers can enjoy Ah Yee Curry Mee legendary chee cheong fun again after the stall’s latest location was spread around by word of mouth.

Chee Cheong Fun with Mushroom and Pork Strips Sauce RM4 (Small)/ RM4.50 ( Big)

Now, the shop is fully operated with the help from family and relatives, selling specialities that she has been proud of. Besides Chee Cheong Fun, Ah Yee Curry Mee menu covers also Wantan Mee, Yee Mee, Gei Si Hor Fun, Clear Soup Noodles, Curry Mee, Prawn Mee, Yang Tau Fu. Have them all under one roof at reasonable price.

What makes Ah Yee Curry Mee Chee Cheong Fun noteworthy would probably be the flat rice noodles itself which is smooth, with more chews. It is freshly prepared by a noodle factory using owner’s special recipe, only for Ah Yee Curry Mee stall. Flavour up the flat rice noodle with a ladle of  thick brown colour sauce, lightly infused with sweetness of mushroom and pork strips. Non greasy, and not the usual sauce from your braised pork belly or braised chicken feet either. Definitely a chee cheong fun sauce that you can hardly find elsewhere.

Chee Cheong Fun with Curry Sauce & Pork Strips RM4 ( Small)/ RM4.50 (Big)

Ah Yee offers two types of sauce for her chee cheung fun – mushroom pork sauce and curry sauce. The latter is not fiery hot version with thick layer of chilli oil, but focuses more on flavours. Thick, lemak, with mild spicy aftertaste. Add on Yong Tau Fu at RM1.20 per piece to have a more satisfying breakfast.

Overall review : A great chee cheong fun to have in Klang Valley. Curry Rice Noodle Rolls is a must. Kopi Peng (Iced Coffee) is OK at RM2 per glass. Putting aside the food, what we love most about Ah Yee Curry Mee is their friendly service, trying their best to fulfill customers’ requests even though being busy.

Photographer: Summerkid
Write-up: Summergirl

Ah Yee Curry Mee 阿姨咖喱面 (Opposite Surau Taman Kepong)
Jalan Kepong Baru, Kepong,
40150 Kuala Lumpur.
Opening Hours:6.30AM – 2PM (closed on Monday)