Majestic Hotel KL Festive Buffet @ Contango & Banquet Hall

This festive season, gather your loved one for a unique dining en experience at Majestic Hotel Kuala Lumpur, as the hotel presents two buffets at two venues, namely Festive Variety Dinner at Contango restaurant and Majestic Festive Banquet Dinner at The Majestic Banquet Hall.

Kambing Panggang

Festive Variety Dinner at Contango Restaurant ( RM145 nett, 4th June – 5th July 2016)

From 4th June to 5th July 2016, enjoy a truly exceptional dining experience at Contango, a luxuriously designed contemporary restaurant featuring an interactive dining concept, serving a sheer variety of local and international cuisine freshly prepared, with a focus on local Malay cuisine this month. The Festive Buffet dinner is priced at RM145nett per person including 6% GST.

Majestic Festive Banquet Dinner ( RM125nett, 3rd June – 2nd July 2016)

Go on a gastronomy journey with your friends and families this holy month, sampling more than a hundred classic Malay dishes in Majestic Hotel Festive Buffet Dinner at The Majestic Function Room. The buffet is priced at RM125nett per person, including 6% GST.

We had the pleasure to join in The Majestic Hotel Festive Buffet Dinner preview last week, savouring wide array of delicious from appetite opener to hot dishes, noodles, satay, rosted lamb, roti canai, and dessert! Everything was so good that we felt we wanted to try all, but had too little stomach space to fit everything in!

Started with Acar Buah-buahan, Kerabu Kerang  Bersama Taugeh, Ulam-Ulaman Kampung, Acar Jelatah Timun Dan Nenas, Colek Perut, Kerabu Mangga Muda, Jeruk Kedondong, Jeruk Buah Pala, Jeruk Mangga, Jeruk Betik to open up the appetite.

Next on, deep fried item. Deep fried squid, deep fried fish and deep fried prawn, deep fried bitter gourd, deep fried chicken. While the squid would taste better with a minute less in the frying wok, the deep fried prawn, hit the point! Fresh and meaty, with crispy coating over the shell which can be eaten together, as you munch through slowly.

Murtabak and Roti Canai with Vegetable Dhal and Chicken Curry

Glad that Murtabak and Roti Canai still pass with flying colours as the year before. While we normally pass through this station in most buffet, these items, on the other hand, are must have in The Majestic Hotel buffet! They are not serving cold, dry pieces of roti canai or murtabak filled with miserable minced meat and egg, but pipping hot, fluffy roti canai and murtabak stuffed with flavourful filling! Dressed them with Vegetable Dhal and Chicken Curry, you are good to go.

Laksa Penang was shadowed by other delicacies, but still a decent fare to try on if you are a noodle person who prefers a bowl of noodle soup instead of Nasi Briyani, like Summergirl. Sup Kambing Berempah and Bubur Lambuk Ayam are available too.

Satay Ayam and Satay Kambing with Peanut Sauce

Finally a better satay after few festive buffet review. Juicy meat, laced with sweetness, and lightly burnt edges. Highly recommended.

For hot dishes, pile the plate with Kari Kian Tenggiri with Bendi, Kambing Kuzi, Dalcha Sayur, Udang Galah Sambal, Daging Briyani, Rendang Itik, Ketam Masak Kari, Singgang Tulang, Sotong Kari, Ayam Kerutuk and Nasi Briyani. Summerkid said that Rendang Itik was the most memorable dish to him, as you don’t find “duck” version rendang in all restaraurants’ buffet menu.

Save some room for dessert as The Majestic Hotel KL has got noteworthy ice cream waiting for you in the Festive Dinner Buffet. We didn’t put much expectation on it initially but all flavours turned out to be surprisingly good, especially Sesame Ice Cream. Definitely the must try! You can also have vanilla, chocolate, raspberry and pineapple flavour from the ice cream stall.

Fruits, Malay traditional Nyonya kuih, Bread Pudding, Apple Crumble complete the dessert section. For more information and reservation, email Majestic Hotel KL at Or, call +603 2785 8062 for Festive Variety Dinner Buffet at Contango, +603 2785 8000 for Majestic Festive Banquet Dinner Buffet.

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The Majestic Hotel
5, Jalan Sultan Hishamuddin,
50000 Kuala Lumpur,

Buffet Details:
Festive Variety Dinner Buffet
Location: Contango Restaurant, Lobby Level
Price : RM145nett
Date : 4th June – 5th July 2016
Reservation: +603 – 2785 8062

Majestic Festive Banquet Dinner
Location: Function Hall, Level 3
Price : RM125nett
Date : 13th June – 2nd July 2016
Reservation: +603 – 2785 8000