Hilton Kuala Lumpur Hotel 2016 Ramadhan Buffet: Tradisi Nusantara

This Holy Month of Ramadhan, Hilton Kuala Lumpur Hotel invites diners to celebrate food, culture and tradition at Vasco’s Restaurant, indulging into dishes inspired by neighbouring countries of Malaysia. The Ramadhan buffet dinner is priced at RM199nett per person, available from 6th June to 5th July 2016.

Themed Tradisi Nusantara, diners can look forward to an evening with a wide spread of authentic flavours from South-East Asia like no other. “This year, we are featuring diverse Asian delicacies bursting with flavours and colourful presentations as we would like to offer more than just our local cuisine. So now, diners can get together and enjoy flavours from the neighbouring countries of Malaysia within the comfort of our restaurant. It is also a fantastic opportunity for our foreign guests to experience Tradisi Nusantara buffet dinner.”, Said Chef Hashrul, Executive Sous Chef of Hilton KL.

During the entire Ramadan month, Vasco’s Hilton KL will be transformed into a harbour with the buffet pods symbolizing ships from the neighboring countries of Malaysia, putting together a variety of signature dishes. The idea is to re-create a docking bay ambience, providing memorable dining experience whereby diners could feel as though they are at a port.

Of course, the most anticipated part will be the food. Be ready to get spoilt with choices, starting from Appetizers, featuring Western Salad, Hati Ayam Goreng Berbawang,Ikan Gelama Masin, Acar Limau, Kerabu Lautan dan Soo Hoon, Ikan Sepat Masin, Telur Masin, Popiah Basah, Ulam-ulaman with Sambal Belacan Tomato Liamu Purut, Sambal Belacan Nenas, Sambal Tempoyak, Sambal Belacan Bawang Putih.

Roasted Lamb with Nasi Briyani

Summerkid’s favourite in Hilton KL Ramadhan buffet, expect will be well-loved by those who enjoy lamb with more gamey flavour. For those who don’t, a serving of the Nasi Briyani is ideal too.

Ayam Panggang Bumbu Bali Borang
Continued with Ayam Panggang Bumbu Bali Borang, another highlight that is not shadowed by Roasted Lamb. Tender meat with crispy skin layer, the roasted chicken with bali marination style calls for a cross between Western and Asian taste, easily becoming a crowd favourite.

Looking at some diners having few helpings of the satays while the kitchen replenished it frequently, we guessed their satay will not be too far from being good.I ndeed, both the beef satay and chicken satay are meaty, juicy version, brushed with honey sweetness and slightly charred edges. From the same counter, enjoy also Ikan Bakar Majapahit, Pucuk Paku Lemak Tempoyak dengan Ikan Bilis dan Petai ( Fiddle fern leaf cooked with fermented durian, anchovies and stinky bean), Rusuk Lembu ulai Darat ( braised beef rib with local fresh herbs in coconut milk, Kari Kepala Ikan Merah Berbendi (Fish head curry with lady finger and tomato).

Gulai Kawah Nusantara
Gulai Kawah Nusantara, must try all the “kawah”! While Gulai Kampung Ikan Masin Bersama Pisang Muda (Home Town Braised Salted Fish & Coconut with Young Banana) is an acquired taste; Asam Pedas Tetel Laksamana dengan Terung Telunjuk (Braised Beef with Spicy Tamarind Sauce with Tomato, Lime Leaf & Green Eggplant), Gulai Nangka Muda Bersama Udang (Braised Young Jack Fruit with Prawn in Chilli Coconut Sauce), Gulai Tunjang Minangkabau (Beef Nerve Cooked in Hot & Spicy Padang Style) on the other hand, are all our favourites!

Belanga Panas, Indian counter with herbs & spices -packed dishes lining up – Lamb Korma (Lamb Shank cooked with Brown Onion Pasta), Karaikudi Fish Curry, Hariyali Vegetable, Paneer Makhani,Southern Indian Style Chicken Cooked with Selected Spice in Red Pepper Gravy, Daniwali Bhindi ( Lady fingers cooked with Yogurt). Everything here goes well with a serving of Nasi Briyani, with lovely, thick gravy or curries to douse with.

Sukun Goreng, Keledek Goreng, Keropok Lekor, Cempedak Goreng, Pisang Goreng – these are the traditional afternoon street snack that we love to munch on in between those hot, savoury main dishes. Pisang goreng and keropok lekor with chilli sauce are must! Magharita Pizza,Beef Pizza may not fit in the theme well but to our surprise, it was delicious. Chewy pizza base with crisp edges, generously topped with cheese.

Chinese cuisine covers only a small section in Hilton KL Ramadan buffet with few dishes such as Stir-fried Clam Abalone with Superior Sauce, Braised Kailan in Oyster Sauce, Egg Fu Young with Cencalok, Red Chilli & Onion and Stir Fried Prawns with Cripsy Oat, but all scored high in taste. Stir-fried prawns coated with crispy Oat is especially memorable, as it sheds a touch of difference to our usual Stir-fried prawns with cereal.

Seafood on ice, sashimi, sushi, fukuzine zuke, picked Mountain Vegetables, Nasu Zuke (eggplant), steamed fish fillet, curry laksa, tomyam, soup noodles quietly shine in the Japanese, noodle and cold starter corner. Can’t deny, Hilton KL Ramadhan buffet covers bits of everything with quality, satisfying diners with different taste bud.

Save some room for dessert. As usual, Hilton KL Hotel sweet treat doesn’t disappoint. From local Nyonya kuih to ice kacang, Chocolate fountain with marshmallows, biscuit, cakes, yogurt ice cream, chocolate cake, simple selections of French cake. Fruits, sesame ice cream, pistachio ice cream and strawberry ice cream are available too.

The gong-beating ceremony is held every evening to signal that it is time to break fast. While dining, diners can also look forward to be entertained by a traditional “Ghazal” band. The band consists of an
accordion, acoustic guitar and gamelan that will perform three sessions of music that varies from Ghazal, Asli and Modern. It will be played from 7:00pm to 10:00pm daily during the promotional period at the hotel.

Hilton Premium Club Members:
20% discount on weekend, Friday through Sunday(Group Dining Voucher and Complimentary
Voucher not applicable)
20% discount on weekday for first and last week of Ramadan

CIMB Credit Cardholders, HSBCCredit Cardholders, MAYBANKCardmembers:
10% discount on weekday; 15% discount on weekend, Friday through Sunday
20% discount on weekday for first and last week of Ramadan
All reservations can be made by calling Dining Reservations at +603 2264 2596 or visit www.life.hiltonkl.com for more information.

For events and catering, a separate menu is available.

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