Sakura Sushi Japanese Restaurant @ Pandan Indah KL: RM1.70 Sushi!

Sakura Sushi, the new Japanese restaurant in Pandan Indah KL will soon take over the crown of  “cheapest sushi in town” with their RM1.70 and RM2.70 conveyer belt sushi, RM0.10 cheaper than the popular Sushi Mentai LOL. A concept that well suits the current bad economy.

It was a rainy evening, and Summerkid drove around Pandan Indah looking for something more than just food court or Dai Chow shop for dinner. Ended up at Sakura Sushi Japanese Restaurant which is located same row with  Udon -ya San Restaurant, opposite to Tokyo Yakiniku. Thanks to its brightly lit shop front that caught our attention. Interior looks quite OK, so we thought: should be not bad.

Staff greeted us politely once walked in, telling us menu is in the drawer below our table once we sat down. Surprise with the sushi price on conveyer belt which are less than RM3 per plate! So cheap! For RM1.70, you can have Tamago Chu Maki, Sakura Chu Maki, Cheese Chu Maki, Floss Chu Maki, Kani Mayo, Corn Mayo, Spicy ChiCken Floss, Egg Mayo, Chicken Floss, Tuna Mayo, Kani Suashi, Kani Mentai, Inari, Inari Mentai, Chuka Kurage, Tamago, Tamago Mentai, Edamame, Inari Chu Maki..

While for RM2.70, choose from Inari Tuna Mayo, Inari Maki, Cheese Maki, Unagi, Hotate Mentai, Shiro Maguro Mentai, Ebi, Shiro Maguro Ebi Mentai, Salmon Mentai, Salmon, CKani Maki, Tamago Maki, Hana Tuna Mayo, Hana Mayo, Kimchi, Kappa Maki, Chuka Hotate, Inari Ebiko, Inari Kani Mayo.

We were pretty excited initially (of the price we guessed) . Started with 5 plates of “good looking” sushi, but didn’t feel like having more after that. Choices weren’t exciting and the varieties going around the belt were repetitive. So we switched to Sakura Sushi Japanese Restaurant big menu, browsing through some ala-carte rice bowl and udon which are reasonably priced too.

RM11.90 for Ebi Taman Don

A bowl of Curry Udon is only RM10.90, Wakame Udon is cheaper at RM8.90. Donmono are affordable too – RM11.90 for Ebi Taman Don, RM14.50 for Salmon Teriyaki Don, RM12.50 for Hotate Toji Don, RM12.50 for Tendon, RM14.50 for Ebi Curry Rice, RM13.50 for Tori Katsu Curry Rice and RM12,50 for Tori Katsu Don, just to name a few. Each rice bowl comes with a miso soup.

We tried out Ebi Tama Don. While the rice wasn’t up to our liking (we still love rice from Shitamachi Tendon Akimitsu), the panko-coated deep fried prawns was satisfying with crunchy at the outside, bouncy inside texture. Plus, not oily at all.

Asari Miso Shiru RM4.90

Miso soup with clam to warm up the tummy. The amount of clams given compared to menu photo makes the soup lives up to the caption — “picture for illustration purpose only”. But at price of only RM4.90, we shouldn’t complain much.

In case you are not into Kaiten sushi, perhaps you can go for Spider Maki, Salmon Mentai Dragon Maki, California Roll, Salmon Wrap, Salmon Skin Maki, Unagi Cheese Maki, Volcano Maki, Tempura Ebi Maki, Sakura Maki on their Special Maki Roll list. We spotted Fruit Sushi Moriawase, interesting vegetarian-friendly selection. Sashimi, salad, yakimono, agemono are available too.

Overall review: A place for those looking for cheap Japanese food in KL. Imagine you can eat 10 plates of sushi at less than RM30. A quick lunch or dinner costs you less than RM15 with large portion rice bowl. Green tea is refillable but it tasted odd to us.

Photographer: Summerkid
Write-up: Summergirl

Sakura Sushi Japanese Restaurant 櫻花壽司
(Same row with Udon Ya San, Opposite Tokyo Yakiniku)
69, Jalan Pandan Indah 4/3A,
Pandan Indah, Kuala Lumpur.
Opening Hours:
Mon – Fri (12pm – 9:30pm)
Sat – Sun (11:30am – 10:00pm)