Baba Nyonya @ Avenue K, Kuala Lumpur

IBaba Nyonya at Avenue K Kuala Lumpur, a restaurant that greatly showcases colours of Baba Nyonya, starting from the name to authentic food down to the thoughtfully designed interior.

Huge mural stretched out across one of the walls, beautifully illustrated with rich heritage of Baba Nyonya. The environment is further blend in with natural touch by having plenty of green plants, wooden walls, as well as modern finishing such as patterned floor tiles, frames in Tiffany blue. Charming mix and match that you can hardly miss out while walking by.

The location used to be Swensen’s Restaurant, next to MISO Korean Restaurant. Just one floor above LRT exit of KLCC station, Kelana Jaya line. Great place for both locals and tourist to get a taste of Nyonya right in the heart of Kuala Lumpur.

Curry Mee RM12.90

Baba Nyonya Avenue K menu covers from daily personal plates to sharing dishes. So whether you just want to have a quick lunch of Nasi Lemak Sambal Sotong, Curry Mee; or prefer to dine in ease with friends by ordering Sambal Petai Prawn, Curry Fish Claypot, Kapitan Chicken, Kangkung Belacan and so forth, Baba Nyonya suits these all.

Chicken Lobak RM10.90

We visited during dinner hours last week, and decided to go for sharing platter. Started with Chicken Lobak, an all-time-favourite appetizer. Meaty filling with good bites of coarsely chopped chicken chunks, rolled into beancurd sheet and deep fried to achieve crunchy outer skin.

Sambal Petai Prawn RM29.00

Sambal Petai Prawn doesn’t appear huge in portion but you get real huge prawns, fresh and bouncy, stir fried with stinky beans. Each coated with thick, spicy gravy. Great to go with rice.

Assam Pedas Fish Claypot RM58.90/whole fish, RM29.00/half fish

Comparing to Sambal Petai Prawn, this Assam Pedas Fish Claypot is less spicy, with tinge of appetizing sourness. Generously served over deep fried fish, and have deep fried bean curd, brinjal and lady fingers thrown in, all plump with flavours of the broth. Gravy is very thick, so takes moderately to avoid feeling cloying later.

Chicken Kapitan Curry RM27.90

Chicken Kapitan Curry, a classic Nyonya dish helmed with flavours of herbs and spices, thicker in consistency comparing to usual curry chicken but still packed with flavours.

Ayam Goreng Rempah RM10.90

Add on Ayam Goreng Rempah because we felt like having fried chicken that night. Hahaha. Baba Nyonya makes this pretty well, thin and crunch skin with meat sealed with juiciness and tenderness. Sedap.

Steamed Lady Fingers with Sambal RM12.70

The only vegetable dish we had in Baba Nyonya, a more basic but always delicious Steamed Lady Fingers with Sambal. Get lots of spicy oomph for our okra with the fiery hot homemade sambal. Recommended.

Banana Fritters RM11.90

Banana Fritters, a dessert that Baba Nyonya prides with apart from the ever popular Cendol, ABC and Sago Pandan Gula Melaka. While this sweet treat itself scores well on its crispy outer layer, creamy some banana, what makes it interesting is the accompanying condiments – vanilla ice cream and chopped chilli with sweet soy sauce (Sambal Kicap Manis). Hot and Cold, Sweet and Savoury- Baba Nyonya turns a simple food becoming memorable.

Cendol RM3.90

Cendol here is set at an affordable price, RM3.90 per bowl. Just nice to cools  down the spiciness in our palate with this snowy shaved ice drizzled with gula melaka sauce, red beans and cendol toppings.

In short, Baba Nyonya is a good place for Nyonya food. Price is considered reasonable, as it is inside a shopping mall, plus in the golden triangle area. Do check it out.

Photographer: Summerkid
Write-up: Summergirl

Baba Nyonya Avenue K

(Beside MISO Korean Restaurant)
Lot UC-1, Upper Concourse,
Avenue K Shopping Mall,
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Contact: +603  – 2181 5544
Opening Hours: 8AM – 10PM
Public transport: Align at Kelana Jaya Line KLCC Station, take the escalator one floor up and walk straight. Baba Nyonya is on your right after Zipangi.

Baba Nyonya Atria (*formerly known as Sambal Chilli)
3rd Floor,Atria Shopping Gallery
Jalan SS 22/23,
Damansara Jaya, 47400.
Contact: +603 – 7731 9869
Opening Hours: 10AM – 10PM