[CLOSED DOWN] Hong Kong Jeuk Sing Cafe @ Sunway Velocity Cheras

[Update as of May 2020: Hong Kong Jeuk Sing Cafe at Sunway Velocity is closed down]

Hong Kong Jeuk Sing Cafe 香港雀聖冰室 first outlet in Malaysia is now opened in Sunway Velocity, Cheras Kuala Lumpur.

The most anticipated Kuala Lumpur shopping centre in 2016 – Sunway Velocity Mall at Maluri KL has officially opened on 8th December 2016. We heard that response was overwhelming with long queue at some retails, 5000 parking lots were fully occupied for the first day, thanks to the special opening promotions that had successfully attracted shoppers.

Hong Kong Eggettes 雞蛋仔 RM6.00

What to eat in Sunway Velocity is probably the thing that we concern most. Cafes and restaurants choices are ample, but there’s one tenant that raised our attention on our first visit to this place – Hong Kong Jeuk Sing Cafe. It is located on 3rd floor, one floor below TGV Cinema, next to J&G Taiwan Fried Chicken.

Jeuk Sing Cafe is started in 2015, founded by a Hong Kong chef and his friends. Together, they aim to promote some of the popular Hong Kong street food such as Gei Dan Zai, Xi Mut Nai Cha, Po Loh Bao, Hong Kong Waffle to the public. Within a year, they already have over 58 outlets in China and now, they are expanding to Malaysia, first in Sunway Velocity. Other countries like Singapore, Australia and United States are in the pipeline too.

The shop itself is not too big, but thoughtfully designed. Contemporary setting, complete with vibrant colours. There’s only one long tables that can sit up to about 10 pax. Hence their food is served in paper container, easy for grab n’ go.

Hot & Cold Combination – Eggettes with honey matcha gelato, whipped cream 綠茶忌廉雞蛋仔 RM11

Jeuk Sing Cafe menu comprises both classic and creative selections, price starts from RM6 to below RM15. Expect to find more than just original Gei Dan Zai here, as they also flavours such as Cheesy Chicken Sausage Eggettes for the savoury; Matcha Ice Cream Eggettes with Whipped Cream (RM11), Chocolate Ice Cream Egglet with Whipped Cream (RM11), Coconut, Sweetened Milk, Sugar & Peanut Butter Special Eggettes (RM9) for the sweet. More seasonal flavours will be launched in near future. Stay tune.

Bo Loh Pao with Butter 冰火菠蘿包 RM6 – Crumbly topping coated over fluffy bun, sandwiched with thick slab of butter

Pineapple Bun, or BoLuo Bao/ Polo Bun with Butter can easily becoming the crowd favourite. Almost everyone who visited Jeuk Sing is seen having one of this in their hand, happily tucking into fresh, fluffy bun sandwiched with thick cut of premium quality SCS butter.

Signature Hong Kong Silk Stocking Milk Tea 馳名絲襪奶茶 RM7.50
Besides Polo Bun and Gai Dan Zai, Jeuk Sing milktea is worth a mention too. It is not just an ordinary drink to quench your thirst, but carefully crafted beverage that stays true to Hong Kong authentic milk tea. Hand-pulled from kettle to kettle, just like our local teh tarik to induce air bubbles for a more tasty mouthfeel. We are actually quite surprised with the good quality, definitely not just plain flat milktea.

HK Jeuk Sing Milk Stocking Milk Tea 冰波特農絲襪奶茶 RM10.50

If we were to choose only one drink, HK Jeuk Sing Silk Stocking Milk Tea is highly recommended. It is thick, flavours doubled up with signature milk tea poured over a large milk tea ice ball. No more diluted drink.

Brown Sugar Ginger Tea 葁母茶 RM9.50
Brown Sugar Ginger Tea, good for women. Spotted Salted Lemon & Sprite on their menu too, gonna try it next time. Jeuk Sing doesn’t serve main course, so it is suggested to drop by for teatime to have delicious sips of Hong Kong Milk Tea.

Curry Fish Ball 咖喱鱼蛋 RM6.00

Photographer: Summerkid
Write-up: Summergirl

Hong Kong Jeuk Sing Cafe 香港雀聖冰室

(next to 繼光香香雞隔壁)
3rd Floor, Lot 107,
Sunway Velocity Mall,
80, Jalan Cheras, Maluri Kuala Lumpur.
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/hkjeuksingcafe/