Yoogane 1 Utama: Korea No.1 Dak Galbi Now in Malaysia

Yoogane, the famous dakgalbi restaurant from Busan, Korea is now opened in Malaysia, having first outlet at One Utama Shopping Centre! Put on your apron, take up your spoon and chopstick then get ready to tuck into delicious chicken galbi, accompanied with cheesy sensation!

Cheese Chicken Galbi RM89.90

Established since 1981, Yoogane still standing strong as one of the best dakgalbi restaurants in Korea, with continuous expansion to other countries including Singapore, Bangkok, Indonesia, Taiwan, Philippines, Vietnam and Myanmar. Their menu covers a good selection of galbi, from most original dakgalbi to Seafood Dakgalbi, Chicken Galbi with Chukkumi Octopus and our favourite – Chicken Galbi with Cheese!

Look at the amount of cheese filled in the the ring of  the hotplate, Yoogane is certainly generous in giving us the ultimate cheesy experience! Just, waiting for the cheese to melt a tough process. We were already drooling when the cheese began to melt, plus the “cooking-in-progress” dakgalbi smelt so nice! Can’t wait to start eating.

Yay! Finally ready. The dakgalbi has a combination of Korean sticky rice cake, potato and plenty of chicken chunks deeply marinated with Yoogane’s unique spicy sauce. Flavourful on its own, roll each piece of the ingredient with melted cheese to get the extra oomph. Sinful but so hard to resist, so keep our diet plan for tomorrow. LOL.

Seafood & Chicken Galbi RM89.90/2-3pax; RM109.90 /3-4pax

At the price of RM89.90 per pot, this cheese dakgalbi is sufficient for 3 pax. We didn’t add any ramen or rice but we strongly recommend that you to have these add-on. Plain rice, flavoured up with spicy sauce and tender chicken pieces, chewy rice cake, it is hard to go wrong.

Besides the all-time-favourite Cheese Dakgalbi, we also shared a serving of Seafood & Chicken Dakgali. Fresh mussels, prawns, baby octopus, squids, and marinated chicken meat stir fried together, further added with Ramyeon Noodles and Sticky Noodles.

Yoogane offers free flow of kimchi, so help yourself with unlimited kimchi from the appetizer counter. For food, there’ll be staff helping you on the cooking. So just sit back and relax, enjoy some soothing barley tea, or get into mini origami session specially prepared by Yoogane. This is the chicken origami we folded, well represents the brand. Cute yes? no? Hehe.

Korean Style Seafood Pancake RM25.90

Besides one pot main dish, make your meal more satisfying with side dishes which are equally outstanding, such as Marinated Chicken Stew, Korean Style Seafood Pancake, Spicy cheese Dokboki, Royal Court Dokboki, Japchae, Spicy Dakkboki, Naengmyeon, Special Cold Noodle, Egg Roll, and Spicy Naengmyeon.

Egg Roll RM12.90, RM16.90 (with cheese)

We personally enjoyed the Egg Roll. Very thin crispy layer at the outside, but juicy within the layers of egg. Drizzled with tomato-ish sauce that blended well with the egg.

Naengmyeon RM17.90

Naengmyeon is one of the recommended order to cool down the heat from dakgalbi. Interchange of spicy hot chicken galbi with cold, tangy-savoury soup broth, springy noodles.

In short, good to know that there is finally a Dakgalbi restaurant inside shopping mall. Definitely an ideal option for family dining or friends gathering after a day of shopping.

Photographer: Summerkid
Write-up: Summergirl

Yoogane Malaysia

(Beside Dragon-i)
S313, Second floor,
1, Lebuh Bandar Utama,
Bandar Utama City Centre,
Bandar Utama,
Petaling Jaya, Malaysia.
Contact: 03 – 7494 6146
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/yoogane.malaysia/

*This is a pork free restaurant*