Ngong Ping 360 (香港昂坪360) Hong Kong: What To Do, Eat & Play

Ngong Ping 360 has always been a popular attraction among locals and tourists to Hong Kong. Third time in Hong Kong, but first time stepping onto Ngong Ping, an area in Lantau Island. Spent a half day trip here, and checked out things to do in Ngong Ping besides visiting the famous Tian Tan Buddha.

How to go Ngong Ping 360?

Align at Tung Chung Station, Exit B and follow the sign or crowd. This is also the MTR stop for Citygate outlet, and one the nearest stations to Hong King International airport. Therefore many tourist will make this as last day final stop before leaving Hong Kong.

What to do in Ngong Ping?

1. Ride on Cable Car

Recognized by CNN as 10 of the world’s most amazing cable car and by The Telegraph as 10 amazing rides around the world, there’s no reason for not taking this cable car ride when in Hong Kong. Go for Standard Cabin, Crystal Cabin (fully transparent) or Private Cabin, and get ready for the spectacular bird eye view of Hong Kong International Airport, South China sea, green forest land of North Lantau Country Park, mountains of Lantau Island, slowly away from the Hong Kong city, closer to Tian Tan Buddha. This 5.7KM bi-cable ropeway takes about 25 minutes ride, with end point connecting to Ngong Ping Village.

2. Shop, eat and take photos in Ngong Ping Village 昂坪市集

The starting point once you get down from cable car. Beautiful architectures, with landscape replicating the culture of Ngong Ping area. Plenty of cafes and restaurant like Starbucks, Subway, Zen Noodle Cafe, Ngong Ping Garden Restaurant, Honeymoon Dessert to dine in, complete with attractions like Walking with Buddha, Stage 360, and Motion 360. Also, you can slow down and enjoy zen time at Linong Tea House. Plenty of photo taking opportunities. So pose and smile!

3. Gain knowledge at Stage 360, Motion 360, Walking with Buddha

Buy a 360 Fun Pass (HKD 255 per adult for standard cabin, KHD 325 per adult for crystal cabin, more info HERE) to get entitled to Round Trip Cable Car + Motion 360 + Stage 360 + Walking with Buddha. In Motion 360, get your 5 senses liven up, explore magnificence of Lantau through vision, hearing, smell, touch and all around dynamic sensation. Stage 360 allows guest to go behind the scenes, watching professional stuntmen perform classic action sequence from Hong Kong movies right before your eyes.Lastly, for Walking with Buddha, dive into the life of Siddhartha Gautama life, know more about various stages of Siddhartha’s life.

4. Make a wish at Bodhi Wishing Shrine

There’s a legend saying that, if you made your wish at “Bodhi Wishing Shrine”, your dreams will come true. So make your wish too. You can redeem a wishing card by purchase at HK150 at Ngong Ping 360 Souvenir store.

5. Po Lin Monastery 宝莲禅寺

Po Lin Monastery is formally know as “the Big Thatched Hut. It occupies a large compound surrounded by large greenery, beautiful structures including Main Shrine Hall of Buddha, the Hall of Bodhisattva Grand Hall of Ten Thousand Buddhas. Tian Tan Buddha is also part of Po Lin Monastery. It opens from 8AM to 6PM, while vegetarian kitchen business hours will be 11AM till 4.30PM

6. Enjoy vegetarian lunch & Shan Shui Tou Fu Fah 山水豆腐花

We had our lunch at one of the shop inside Po Lin Monastery. Simple meal at cheap price. Fried bee hoon, vegetarian side dishes, Chinese sweet cake and most importantly, silky smooth tau fu fah! We ordered quite a number of items and were surprised that the total was just HKD65. Alternatively, you can have proper lunch at the vegetarian restaurant.

7. Climb up 268 steps to reach Tian Tan Buddha closer 天坛大佛

Tian Tan Buddha, or Big Buddha, the iconic statue in Ngong Ping. Built in 1993, Tian Tan Budda sits 26.4 metres atop a lotus throne and is 34 metres high in total. Climb 268 steps to reach the buddha, tiring but worthwhile. Admission is free to walk around this attraction but for the three floors beneath the structure –  the halls of the Universe, of Benevolent Merit and of Remembrance, guests need to buy ticket to go in.

8. Forest walk & jogging

After lunch, you can have a walk in the forest adjacent to Tian Tan Buddha. A quiet path with less tourists, only few joggers came in sight on and off. Fresh air, green plants, and be ready to get bitten by mosquitoes

9. Admire wooden columns at Wisdom Path 心经简林

You will reach this Wisdom Path after walking for about 20 minutes. A photography worthy spot that features 38 giant wood columns arranged in a “∞” pattern, 8-10 metres tall and 1 metre wide. Each of this column is crafted with calligraphic work by master of Chinese studies Professor Jao Tsung-I. The words are from a famous Buddhist classic called the Heart Sutra.

10. Half day trip to Lautau Island 大澳渔村

For those who want to discover further, you can go from Ngong Ping to Tai O, Hong Kong oldest fishing village and spend another half day there to enjoy the slow pace of this village, and munch on famous charcoal bake Gei Dan Zai. To reach, you can take a bus 21 from the bus station in Ngong Ping Village (turn into the alley beside Ngong Ping Nature Centre). When return, take bus 11 back to Tung Chung MTR Station.

Planning a trip to Ngong Ping? Hope this blog post helps. To us, we personally like Po Lin Monastery, Shan Shui Dou Fu Fah and Wisdom Path! These are the must visit and must try!