Sun Ming Cheras KL: Famous Charcoal Roast Duck, Siu Yoke, Char Siew

Sun Ming Roast Duck at Taman Connaught KL (新明记烧腊饭店), a restaurant famous for charcoal roast duck in Kuala Lumpur, alongside with delish char siew, roast pork, roast chicken and sour vegetables (Chai Buay). We made our way there last weekend for lunch, but personally, doubt on their “one of the best roast duck in KL” title despite the massive dining crowd and long “tapao” queue.

Parking was a hassle and we only managed to get a parking lot after driving for few rounds around the area. By that time we secured a seat in Sun Ming, it was already 11.15AM. First thing first, ordered  a “ngap bei” (duck drumstick) but staff told us it was SOLD OUT. We read from blog articles that the restaurant opens at 11AM. So all duck was sold out within 15 minutes? However we saw few whole duck still beautifully hanging at the counter. Wondered it was really sold out or just they didn’t want to sell to us. Probably they want to reserve the whole duck for family crowd. Afterall, it was a Saturday. Understood.

So we went for the wing instead. Add-on RM10 of mixed siu yoke and char siew. We waited anticipatedly for our roast duck but sadly, it didn’t taste as good as it looks.

The meat was rather tasteless and dry. The only thing that save the whole dish was the glossy, crispy skin and pretty decent gravy to flavour up the duck meat.

Didn’t put much expectation on Sun Ming char siew and roast duck, as we wondered how delicious these two could be when the signature item itself didn’t score? Thankfully, both tasted way better than the roast duck! The char siew was awesome! We opted for half lean half fat (pun fei sau) so the texture was just nice, with slightly charred edges, laced with mild sweetness.

Siu Yoke was equally lovely. Crunchy skin, chewy meat with hints of herbs.

Sun Ming Restaurant also offers sour vegetables, yong tau fu, bean sprouts and few other side dishes to go along with roasted meat. Food price is clearly printed and pasted at the ordering counter. For dine in, just sit down and staffs will come over and take orders while for take away, just queue.

In short, instead of eating the-ever-popular roast duck in Sun Ming, we recommended siu yoke and char siew. Service is alright, not as bad as we read from some reviews online. We won’t come back from their roast duck again, but definitely yes for char siew.

Photographer: Summerkid
Write-up: Summergirl

Restaurant Sun Ming 新明记烧腊饭店

No. 137, Jalan Sarjana,
Taman Connaught,
56000 Kuala Lumpur.
Contact: 03-9133 2151
Opening Hours: 11AM – 4PM (Closed on Tuesday)