Kaiju Bangsar: Japanese Thai Restaurant with Origami Dragon Over Your Head

Kaiju Bangsar KL, one of the latest restaurants in APW. The last time we were here was for Breakfast Thieves brunch and when we back again in less than half a year, we were surprised to see so many new eateries popping up within the compound – Proof Pizza + Wine, Agak-Agak Cafe, Case Study Bar and a charming barber shop with Tiffany blue outfront.

Such a hipster place by now, and we like each of the restaurant & cafe here. They are noteworthy not just on food, but thoughtfully designed, ideal for photography.

Getting back to Kaiju Company. Kaiju Company is a Japanese-Thai fusion restaurant, located at the back end of APW, adjecent to Case Study Bar. Taking on the name Kaiju, meaning monster in Japanese film, Kaiju Company has a cute logo that carries the restaurant’s name well, and cuisine that fits in to the “monster’s country” with Southern East Asia touch, in particular, country to the north of Malaysia.

Large glass window with wooden lining, high ceilings with 30metres long paper origami dragon lantern hung over – an iconic decoration that made us casually look up to the ceiling on and off. Hahaha.

Kaiju Company menu covers only four pages currently, putting together salad, snacks, main dishes, dessert and drinks. Seafood Tom Yum Soup with Udon Noodles (RM28); Kaiju Open Sandwich with Lamb Patty, Mango Salad & Special Teriyaki Sauce (RM24); Bara-Bara Chirashi Mixed Sashimi Rice Bowl (RM30), Gyu-Tan Rice Bowl with Cut Chili, Seaweed & Rice (RM28), Unagi & Mango Tempura with Manow Sauce (RM24) are some of the food you can expect here.

We ordered Sashimi Salad (RM26) and Hawaiian Kaiju Rice (RM26) for sharing, alongside with Thai Iced Tea (RM10) and Kaiju Lemonade (RM10) to quench the thirst, as weather was really hot that day. Of both the savoury, we enjoyed Ekamai Salmon Salad more.

Very refreshing combination with myriad of textures and colours from raw fish, tobiko, mixed green leaf, egg, deep fried lotus slices. The house salad sauce & garlic sauce was a great key in elevating the overall flavours.

Hawaiian Kaiju Rice on the other hand, is a good try for Kaiju Company but could do better on the Japanese Curry. Chicken Patty takes the center stage, like Japanese hamburg. Clearly homemade because we could really taste the dense texture from the thick and hearty patty.

If you loved cocktail, go for their Power Drinks. Kaiju is prides for their alcoholic beverage. Sake + Calpis, Sake + Assamboi, Sake + Lemongrass, Sake + Ribena, Sake + Lemonade are worth trying. Price within RM25 per glass. For non-alcoholic,  opt for most-ordered Thai Iced Tea, or Yuzu, Calpis Asamboi, Lychee Pop Tea, Lemongrass.

Photographer: Summerkid
Write-up: Summergirl

Kaiju Company Japanese-Thai Fusion Restaurant

APW Bangsar, Art Paper Work,
29, Jalan Riong,
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Contact: 032788 3796
Opening Hours: 12PM-3PM; 6PM-10PM (Closed on Monday)
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/kaijucompany/