Kimi no Na wa Movie Theme Cafe @ Nagoya PARCO, Japan

Kimi no Na wa Cafe 君の名はカフェ @名古屋  (Your Name Cafe)  at The Guest Cafe & Diner PARCO Nagoya, Japan will be opened for a limited time from 27th Jan-3rd April 2017! Pop-up style theme cafe so be quick!

As Kimi no Na wa  君の名は (Your Name) pop-up Theme Cafe in PARCO Ikebukuro Tokyo came to an end, fans for this famous Japanese anime movie who has not get a chance to visit do not have to be disappointed, as this pop-up theme cafe will be continued at The Guest Cafe & Diner, PARCO Nagoya Japan!

Available for a limited time from 27th January till 3rd April 2017, The Guest Cafe & Diner will feature a series of food menu, turning dishes seen in the movie into real life, such as the salmon breakfast Taki’s dad asked him to finish when he woke up late; Mitsuha breakfast in Itomori Town; strawberry pancake eaten by Taki on a cafe hopping with his friends; pizza served during his part-time job at the Italian restaurant; the sandwich shared by Taki’s friend to him; Takayama Ramen that Taki had when he went to Itomori to look for Mitsuha..

「お前は誰だ?」HOTラテ “Who are you” hot latte 680yen well as desserts that resemble some of the movie scenes, including the night when comet departed and fall down at Itomori town; the mountain where Mitsuha pesented Kuchikamizake to the god; hot latte written with お前は誰だ?(Who are You)on top, and so forth.

During our Japan trip in Gifu prefecture in February, we were glad that Nagoya was one of our transfering stations to go back to Tokyo with Shinkensen bullet train. Managed to spend some time in The Guest Cafe & Diner, sharing few sweet treats and drinks with our friends. Price range from about 700yen to 1500yen, still within affordable spending budget.

人が見たあの日の彗星プレート The Comet We Saw Together on that Day Plate 1,280 yen
A creative dessert that recreates the scene when comet crossing the sky, it was designed to detail, with foggy dry ice resembles the cloud. LOL.

星が降った日の夜空ソーダ The Night The Stars Fell Soda 930 yen
Dreamy colour drinks that put together soda water with QQ jelly, showcases the night when comet fell down.

瀧と入れ替わった三葉も思わず写真を撮りたくなったパンケーキ Berries Pancakes 1,480 yen
OMG, this really look the same as in the movie! Kimi no Na wa pop-up theme cafe is thoughtful enough to recreate the berries pancake that Mitsuha had when he exchanged body with Taki. She ate this in the cafe, a place that she has been dreaming to visit all the time, as Itomori town doesn’t have any cafe.

抹茶パフェ ~ご神体の祀られた山頂~ Matcha Green Tea Parfait 1,080 yen
Does this matcha green tea parfait reminds you any of the scene from Your Name movie? It is the green field where Mitsuha present Kuchikamizake to the god. Like a miniature size of the landscape, with matcha representing green grasses and biscuit crumbles for stone.

The Autumn of Itomori Town 秋の糸守ムース 甘酒付き 1180yen

Opened up the square wooden box to reveal the beauty of Itomori town during Autumn season with colourful fruits and mousse, served together with brown sugar sauce and amazake.

Besides food, you may want to add your collection with limited edition Your Name merchandise sold in The Guest Cafe & Diner. Mugs, cookies, key chains, shirts, sake wooden cup, mini note book, etc., about 120 types of items. Fans can also get these souvenirs at PARCO in Sendai, Osaka, Hiroshima and Fukuoka specific Your Name Collaboration Merchandise Shops.

Your Name Pop-Up Cafe

The Guest Cafe & Diner
PARCO Nagoya 名古屋PARCO,
8th Floor, West Building,
3 Chome-29-1 Sakae, Naka Ward,
Nagoya, Aichi Prefecture 460-0008, Japan

Character theme cafe period: 27th Jan – 3d Apr 2017
Opening Hours: 10AM-10.30PM (last order 10PM)
*3rd April closes 6PM, last order 5.30PM