Moobaan Thai Food @ Taman Desa, Kuala Lumpur

At Moobaan Thai Food Taman Desa Kuala Lumpur, one can hardly go wrong with their unpretentious Thai street food marked with affordable price. A non-halal restaurant, so the authenticity is certainly much closer to the country of origin.

Visited for dinner last Saturday with Summerkid ‘s brother, because the parents had went up to Penang for cousin’s wedding. Moobaan Thai is located same row with few other noteworthy eateries, from Japanese Sanuki Udon to Palmier Patisserie Cafe, Red Kettle Cafe, Charlie’s Cafe, and Lau Jiu Lou Ramen Restaurant. All restaurants were on brisk business when we reached. In other words, we had a hard time on getting parking.

Some patience and eagerness to fill the hungry stomach gave luck. Hahahaha. We were finally in the restaurant, settled down with usual Thai favourite including Seafood Tom Yum, Moo Ping, Thai Fish Cake, Green Leaves Omelette and Stewed Pork Leg. Everything here is below RM20, pocket-friendly but satisfying meal.

Tod Man Pla/ Thai Fish Cake RM5 for 4 pieces

Moo Ping/ Grilled Pork Thai Style RM3 per stick

Thai Fish Cake to start with, only RM5 for 4 pieces so they appeared “slimmer” than those we had in few other mid-range Thai Restaurant. A bit salty, but great on texture. One can easily finish a serving, should have order 3 plates. LOL.

Moo ping! Our no-miss-must-have if the Thai restaurant serves pork. In contrary to the Thai Fish Cake, moo ping here is thick, meaty. Succulent meat, thinly coated with a layer of honey sweet glaze. We still prefer Go Thai version.

Tom Yam Namkon Talay/ Creamy Seafood Tom Yum Soup  RM19

For those who get upset with tom yum that always has more soup but lack of ingredients as you dig your spoon in, try Moobaan. Soup portion here is smaller but they are really generous with the ingredients. Not pity looking seafood but huge prawns, bouncy squids, plenty of abalone mushrooms to please. Soup was rich, mild in spiciness, more pronounced in sourness.

Khai Jiao Cha Om/ Thai Omelette with Green Leaves RM11

Never expect that this omelette would be our favourite. Egg was cooked to just nice, fluffy with slightly crisp edges, filled with green leaves at the center. Superb with their spicy-sour dipping sauce.

Kha Moo/ Stewed Pork Leg with Five Spices RM15

Stewed pork leg – One of the reasons that brought us to Moobaan. Quite good but they seemed to giving us way too much lean meat and almost no gelatinous-skin part. Will ask for fattier meat next time. Hee. But thankfully the lean part was deeply flavoured with braised sauce, laced with hints of spices. Perfect with white rice.

Overall comment: Total bill came to RM68 including two bowls of white rice (RM2 each), one coke and one Thai Ice Tea (RM4 each). Quite reasonable but since it is on street food size, there will be no problem in finishing the food even if you ordered 4 ala-arte dishes for 2pax. If for family, we will probably double the order. Attentive service, short waiting time.

Moobaan Thai Food Restaurant

15, Jalan Bukit Desa 5,
Taman Bukit Desa,
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Opening Hours: 12PM-3PM; 5.30PM-10PM (Mon-Sun)
Contact: 016-312 3331