Chicken Up Subang, SS15: Famous Korean Fried Chicken from Singapore

After a round of Korean Fried Chicken, here comes the hype of Korean Cheesy Pot – Chunks of meat or seafood thickly coated with melting cheese, a sinfully delicious combination that make so many Korean food lovers go crazy with. From Gogi King to Nanda Chicken, Yoogane, Omaya and the latest opening Chicken Up, the queue says it all.

Paid a visit to Chicken Up SS15 Subang, the No.1 Fried Chicken store from Singapore but goes famous in Malaysia with their deep-fried giant squid on Toppoki cheese platter. We gave this best seller a skip, checking out other noteworthy selections in Chicken Up menu.

Ugly Tang Stew RM38

Started with Ugly Tang Stew – Chicken Up special Army Stew that put together chicken slices, ham, sausage, vegetable, macaroni, baked bean, cheese and noodles in kimchi soup. What’s the best thing in the broth? Surprisingly, is macaroni. It goes really well with the mildly spicy and sour soup.

Bulgogi Fries RM26

While waiting for our budae jjigae to boil, Bulgogi Fries arrived. Life saver as we were so hungry lol. A bed of French fries, generously loaded with beef slices in soy sauce marination, further sprinkled with onions, chopped onions and mayo dressing. High calories but so good, tucked in first don’t care.

Haemul-Pajeon/Seafood & Green Onion Pancake RM26

Haemul Pajeon here doesn’t score on texture, but gets winning point on the liberally amount of Shrimps, squids, chilli pepper, onion and chives filled within the chewy, crispy edges pancake.

Spicy Noodle Up Dry RM18

If you are too lazy to cook your spicy Korean noodle at home, then let’s Chicken Up prepared for you. Fiery hot noodles aside, you get a more balanced meal with protein from popcorn chicken, and refreshing salad that not only provides nutrients, but also helps to tone down the spiciness.

Crispy Up RM28/Mega 4 Pieces

Yagnyum Up RM28/Mega 4 Pieces

A visit to Chicken Up is incomplete without trying out their signature food -Deep Fried Chicken. Chicken Up uses only fresh chicken, marinate for a minimum of 12 hours. Several coating sauce are available, such as Ganjang Up (Soya Sauce), Yangnyum Up (Korean Sweet Sauce), Spicy Yangnyum Up ( Spicy Sweet Sauce), but we enjoyed Crispy Up, the original crispy chicken the most –  tender, juicy meat sealed with crunchy, golden brown outer layer.

Fried chicken with beer – the best pairing mentioned by Cheong Song Yi but with cocktails, it is as good. Chicken Up Sojurita and Beerita are must-try. We had Coconut with Beer, Orange with Soju and Blue Lime with Soju, RM48 per glass. Drink-worthy and photography-worthy with whole bottle of beer or soju inversely placed over a glass of fruit juice. Huge enough to be shared between 2 pax.

Non-alcoholic drinks such as Mango Soda, Lime Sofa, Blue Lemon Soda, Apple Juice, Calamansi Juice, Pink Guava Juice, Bluberry Smoothie, Mango Smoothie, Matcha Latte Smoothie are not shadowed too, beautifully filled in light bulb container.

Overall, food here is quite alright, reasonable in price. Beerita and Sojurita are highly recommended. Waiting time is still long for now especially during lunch and dinner hours, but we hope the crowd would be more manageable in near future so that staffs can be more focused, attentive to on all diners.

Chicken Up Subang

(Beside Subang Courtyard)
No.7, 7-1,
7-2 Jalan SS15/4E
Subang Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia
Opening Hours: 11.30PM – 10.30PM