Molten Chocolate Cafe @ MyTown Cheras KL: Chocolate Dessert Says It All

One of the best things for Summergirl is Summerkid loves dessert as much as she does. Not all guys have sweet tooth. Haha. Whenever he asks for a dessert place, the happy mode comes in. Visited Molten Chocolate Cafe at MyTown Shopping Mall Cheras last week, because Summerkid had been asking for dessert for the whole afternoon.

We first came across Molten Chocolate Cafe in Dataran Pahlawan, Melaka. The cafe serves lovely dessert, with almost everything related to chocolate. Think about Salon du Chocolat, Molten Chocolate Cafe is pretty much the same concept.

From chocolate brownie to chocolate crepe, chocolate fondue, chocolate waffle chocolate pancake, sizzling chocolate on hot plate, hot chocolate, chocolate ice blended, all items on Molten Chocolate Cafe menu look so tempting and if not because of the slightly expensive price, we believe we would come more often.

Molten Master Brownies RM17

The cafe was full house when passed by last week, around 5PM. When we dropped by again around 8.30PM this week, the crowd was much lesser, but filled up quick by 9PM. Surprisingly good business. Ordered only Molten Master Brownies and Belgium Dark Chocolate drink, trying our best not to go over excited and ended up ordering 4 plates haha.

Signature chocolate brownie topped with vanilla ice cream and strawberry, drizzled with mixed chocolate sauce that Molten Chocolate prides at. Served with airy light whipped cream. The brownie itself was so nice! Freshly baked, moist and dense with thin crispy layer at the edges that make it scores on texture contrast. Portion is slightly small, but just nice for one.

Belgium Hot Chocolate (Dark/Milk/White) RM14.50

Belgium Hot Chocolate to beat the chilly after rain weather. Ahh..such a comforting drink. Thick and rich in chocolaty, not too sweet, finished with more signature chocolate sauce on top. You can also opt for mint Belgium Hot Chocolate (RM16) and Marshmallow Hot Chocolate (RM16).

Service was great. Staffs are polite and keep check with us if everything was OK. Despite the food price is not cheap, but worth it. The quality says it all.

Photographer: Summerkid
Write-up: Summergirl

Molten Chocolate Cafe

(In between Kyochon 1991 and Juiceworks)
G-02, MyTown Shopping Centre,
Jalan Cochrane, Cheras,
55100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.