The Prep Room, Jalan Sri Hartamas KL: Western-Thai-Local Fusion Menu

The Prep Room at Jalan Sri Hartamas KL – it has been months since we last visited this charming cafe that churns out heartwarming dishes with love. Time flies. But we still remember how their honey mustard chicken, coffee and the best of all – banana chocolate yeasted waffle surprised our taste buds, right from the first bite.

Hand-drawn new menu

Recently, The Prep Room has launched a revamped menu. Same high quality fresh ingredients, great food taste, lovely coffee, or to say, even better on various aspects. – Says, the creativity of putting together Western-Thai-Local fusion dishes and beautiful hand-drawn menu by the owner, deserved loud applause.

Budoshu RM19.50

Selections aren’t extensive, but sufficient to keep your stomach satisfy, be it for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Most items are reasonably priced below RM20. Only handful of them, less than 5 (*yeah we counted LOL) are above RM20. Coconut Crunchy Shrimp, Rajdamri Pasta, Budoshu, Honey Mustard Chicken (OMG so happy to see this still on the menu), Sea Barrel, Vegetarian Soba, Shaolin Pasta, Spicy Thai Spaghetti, Yeasted Waffles, All Day Breakfast, Muesli Bowl, amongst others. Feel so want to try them all!

Spicy Thai Spaghetti RM18.50

We began with Spicy Thai Spaghetti. Nicely plated spaghetti that packs punch of flavours. Spiciness laced over the strands of pasta but manageable, tossed with thai pepper and basil for extra exotic taste, along with seafood like prawns and squid. Recommended.

All Day Brekkie RM22.50

Expect one-of-its-kind, not the commonly seen big breakfast when in The Prep Room. The lady owner, who hails from Penang, has incorporated one of the most famous street snack from this historical town – lor bak into the platter. Unique replacement to sausage we will say. LOL. Since this cafe is pork free, stuffing would be beef or chicken, but equally delicious!

Sunny side or poached egg with runny egg yolk doesn’t make an appearance here too, but Cha-Om Omelette! This is one of our Thai favourite, prepared from cha-om (acacia leaves). Housemade bread, baked beans and stuffed bell peppers sum up the brekkie plate. Maybe adding a little greens would give it a more cheerful look.

Thai Larb Khai RM10.00

Thai Larb Khai, or Thai Minced Chicken Salad, an appetizer you can easily get down at local Thai restaurant. A few good years in Bangkok has made the owners fall in love with the myriad of flavours there, hence they decided to share, and match in flavours of Thai in The Prep Room’s menu.

Coconut Crunchy Shrimp RM15.00

When many restaurants are jacketing their shrimps with flour battered or panko bread crumbs, The Prep Room braided theirs with desiccated coconut- an idea that popped out from the mind of the lady boss when she was driving home from work one day. Is it good? We ordered 3 helpings of this. Addictive and crunchy with spicy-sour twist when dip with homemade sauce concocted from green chilli, lime and cilantro. Enough said.

Rajdamri Pasta

Rajdamri Pasta – Daun limau pulut Thai, lemongross, ginger, caramelized nutmeg, chilli, Australian minced beef to flavour up the linguine. It was difficult for us to imagine the taste when seeing all these complicated ingredients coming together, but hey, don’t judge. A mouthful of it and we were hooked. Refreshing, with distinct aroma of lemongrass, followed by a touch of sourness and nutty bits. Soooo good. Must try!

Nut-Coholic RM17.00

Summergirl’s favourite among all. Despite its simple look, it is actually long process to get this sweet treat done. No, it is not tiramisu. Peanut butter and digestive biscuits make up dense, peanut-y base, giving texture contrast to the dreamy soft cream layer on top, remarkably turns superb with a full layer of soaked-in-gold-rum-for-100-days raisins at the centre! Dessert lovers, do not leave the Prep Room without checking this out.

Yeasted Waffle RM15.00

Yeasted Waffle, something that is noteworthy. Over 12 hours of batter fermentation to result in a light, crispy outside, chewy inside waffle with faint savoury hints after bake. Topped with vanilla ice cream and fresh fruits. Best with coffee.

Dark Couverture Choclate RM13.00/hot, RM14.00/cold

Cappuccino RM8.50

A cup of joe below RM10, for both ice and hot, what a steal. It has been some time we’ve not come across cafe that sell coffee below this price, and is a decent one. More reason to re-visit. Try their Dark Couverture Chocolate, thick, chocolaty, not sweet.

Photographer: Summerkid
Write-up: Summergirl

The Prep Room Cafe

5, Jalan Sri Hartamas 7, Sri Hartamas,
50480 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Opening Hours:
Mon-Fri 11.30AM – 9.30PM
Sat – Sun 8.30AM – 9.30PM
Contact: +603 6211 0468