Manja Old Malaya, Raja Chulan Kuala Lumpur

Excellent cocktails, impressive dishes concocted with fusion flavours, dining settings that depicts colonial architecture with modern vintage design – At Manja Old Malaya, get ready to be pampered by unique sensory experience.

Set within a colonial building row overlooking the country’s iconic Kuala Lumpur tower, Manja restaurant at Jalan Raja Chulan KL prides for not only its historical setting with an excellent view, but also an exquisitely designed interior and a plethora of creative flavours that promise to satisfy your discerning palate.

Walk through the al-fresco dining area and get welcomed by a modern-vintage scene, with contrasting colours of bold dark red, black, white, solid wood colour blending into a well-pleasing look.

Century’s old exposed brick wall, artistic wall art, geometrical chandelier that took a month of laborious effort to compose, every corner of Manja is thoughtfully designed for a feast of eyes.

Prawn & Passionfruit Salad RM38

For menu, Manja put together an array of local and international cuisines with their very own fusion twist, with emphasize on local produce. Sit back, relax and be surprise at almost every dish.

Borneo Coconut Tuna RM48

Get WOW from the very first dish. A starter that has a cross between tuna tartar and classic Spanish ceviche, prepared using line caught tuna from Sabah and tossed with local flavours, all nestled in a halved coconut shell. Scoop them up with Manja hand-sliced and deep fried tapioca chips,  enjoy sweet crunchiness of chips with fresh, buttery tuna cubes.

Bayam & Escargot RM38

Never stop at just the classic. Manja takes a step further in bringing a French classic to a new level, serving more than just a normal escargot cooked butter and garlic. Sea snails are sauteed with a medley of spices, served over a bed of creamed spinach, eat with Italian flat bread. Lovely escargot asides, what makes this worthwhile is the spinach- creamy, soft and flavourful. Never expect pairing like this can be so notably delicious.

River Lobster Thermidor RM138

River Lobster thermidor, one of the best fusion pasta we ever had. Lemon lobster butter linguine and wild freshwater lobster thermidor, coat with Manja romesco, finished with parmigiano reggiano sprinkles. Really love the romesco sauce burst with flavours, fresh red pepper taste laden. A wonderful hit on both crusty toast and lobster meat.

Tencha Halibut RM68 – Greenland halibut in ginger palm sugar marinade served with herb linguine in lobster butter and green tea aioli

Gunda Gunda RM77

It took some time for this Gunda Gunda to reach, but certainly worth the wait. Crispy calamari, mussels, braised prawns, avocado, toasted peanuts, anchovies, eggs, cucumber generously laid over aromatic, fluffy steamed coconut rice. Satisfying comfort food that is huge enough to serve two.

Oishi Sakana RM98

Oishi Sakana, crowd favourite on our dinner table that night.  Manja cured unagi, smoked sashimi grade salmon, marinated line caught yellow fin tuna and avocado beautifully layer over Japanese local herb rice folded through with roasted mushroom folded, light drizzles of tamarind dressing; and chilli oil finish. Everything is on a perfect marriage in this platter, from texture to flavours. Highly recommended real good stuff!

Kaya & Cheesecake RM33

End the meal sweet with Manja very own desserts creation such as Kopi Peng & Kahlua – Manja churned local coffee ice cream served with a shot of Kahlua liquor and candied cashew nuts Summer Truffle Cocoa Mousse- Decadent chocolate mousse, made with Tain L’Hermitage Valrhona chocolate, infused with truffle dust, chocolate ganache; Kaya & Cheese cake – Organic local cream cheese cake topped with housemade kaya, served with milk candy, berry coulis and local botanicals.

Old Malaya Tea Time RM33

We checked out Old Malaya Tea Time – a sweet treat that lives up to its name. Malaysian favourites street food mashed rastali banana and coconut fritters as the core, added swirls of chestnut and caramel kaya drizzles and scoops of teh tarik ice-cream made in house to form a local-Western twist, yet true Malaysian taste in every bite.

Dawn of the Dragon RM29
Cocktails lovers, do not leave Manja without sipping on their wonderful cocktail. Long list, with specially concocted ingredients that are interesting enough to capture your attention. Our favourite goes to Dawn of Dragon – A cocktail built on a hibiscus infused gin, sweetened with Manja rose syrup, fortified with egg white for creminess and garnished with a slice of dragonfruit

G & R RM32
A citrusy sweet yet balanced concoction. Rum and guava juice shaken with a drop of lemon, gomme, Manja made orange bitter and an egg white to create a smooth flip style drink that goes down too easily

Spirit of Borneo RM33
Local chili infused tuak is shaken up with Manja made bitter than delivers an additional spiced heat, while the egg white, lime and elderflower syrup form a silky, refreshing and rich body.

Manja Restaurant

6, Lorong Raja Chulan,
50250 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Openign Hours: 11.30AM – 2.00AM (*Closed on Mondays)