#BAE Bangsar-Build and Eat, Maerry:Me 2 Drinks In 1 Cup @ Bangsar KL [CLOSED DOWN]

[Update as of July 2018: #BAE is permanently closed down, and being replaced by another eatery named FROZEN by Ken]

BAE Bangsar Kuala Lumpur brought in a brand new dining concept by serving food at only RM2.50 each. BUILD the varieties you love, AND EAT your heart out without burning your wallet. Also Maerry:Me Bangsar – a beverage corner with creative idea of having two drinks in one cup. Expect this place to take the social media world by storm very soon, like the popular Thai boat noodles.

Being food lovers, we enjoy restaurants hopping, checking out different delicacies that each eatery has to offer. There is always tendency to order more varieties from the menu, but we step back as we look at the price. Plus, we usually visit in just 2 persons, with limited capacity to order more that we could stomach in.

So happy to discover #BAE- Build and Eat when we were running errands in Bangsar last week. It is a newly opened restaurant located same row with Papparich and Tedboy Bakery, opposite to Bangsar Village II Shopping Mall.

With an eye-catchy yellow + bold black shop signage and decor, modern industrial-style interior and multicoloured wall panels that all sum up to a cheerful and pleasant atmosphere – you can hardly miss out this place as you pass by.

Nasi Goreng RM2.50

We first thought that #BAE is just another normal restaurant that is blooming around Bangsar and we are quite wrong. Not have much surprise when we flip through #BAE menu, which covers a good list of local street food we are well-familiar with like nasi lemak, mee siam, laksa, nasi goreng, mee soto, etc.. But as we look at the price, we know that is restaurant is beg to differ, and worth visiting.

Ayam Masak Merah RM2.50

Priced at only RM2.50 each, #BAE strives to offer a more affordable dining option in town, with no compromise on food quality and at the same time, allowing diners to enjoy varieties while getting budget taken care, minimizing food wastage due to over-ordering.

Mee Kuah Ketam RM2.50

There are over 20 types of RM2.50 items on #BAE menu – rice, noodles, meat, vegetables and snacks. Dining space is air-conditioned so you can sit in comfortably and enjoy your meal without having to deal with the stuffy air, sweat dripping down your forehead kind of lunch at mamak. #YouKnowMalaysiaWeatherIsHot

Indomee RM2.50

Food portion is smaller compare to normal full-size single plate but rest assured, it is not just one mouthful. Get full at less than RM15, maybe around RM10 for some. For instance, a satisfying meal of nasi lemak + nasi goreng + ayam masak merah + ayam masak kicap costs you only RM10++.

Checked out few items from their menu and glad that everything was decently curated:

Nasi Lemak – Fragrant rice with portion similar to nasi lemak bungkus. Authentic style so you get your telur, ikan bilis, cucumber, toasted peanuts and sambal sauce. Like the sambal that is packed a punch of flavours. Not too spicy, laced with mild sweetness.

Mee Siam – Stir fried vermicelli served with fried egg, flavoured up with red hot sambal ikan bilis. Comfort food that is hard to go wrong with. Summergirl’s favourite.

Mee Kuah Ketam – We’re liking this noodle dish. Yellow noodles gracefully soaked up with thick, flavourful crab broth, topped with shredded chicken, beancurd and crab meat floss. Squeeze in some lime juice served along to add in tangy twist. Slurppp…

Indomee – Fried instant noodles with soft boiled egg. Like what we always prepared at home as supper! ‘Fast food” that we never get bored of.

Personally feel that meat dishes like Ayam Masak Kicap, Ayam Masak Bali, Ayam Masak Rendang, Ayam Masak Merah, Ayam Masak Kari here are quite a good deal. The kitchen is not skimp on the portion. An order or 2 or 3 of these plus a rice are enough to get your tummy well-fed.

#BAE Chicken Satay RM15.90/ 5 stick; RM28.90/ 10 sticks

#BAE Beef Satay RM16.90/ 5 sticks; RM29.90/10 sticks

Apart from RM2.50 selections, we also highly recommended their specials. Not RM2.50 but definitely worth the price you pay for. Take  #BAE beef satay for example, they are using premium marinated beef tenderloin, generously placed in skewers and chargrilled over opened flames.

Same goes to chicken satay – chunks of boneless chicken thigh, chargrilled to result in slightly charred edges that give lovely burnt aroma, tender juiciness in every bites plus a coat of honey sweetness. Great on its own, better when dunk into their homemade, chunky peanut sauce. Must-try.

Ayam Goreng Berempah RM12.90

#BAE Ayam Goreng Berempah is so delicious that Summerkid returned for two consecutive weekends just for this hahaha. Whole chicken leg, deep fried to golden brown for a crispy outside, juicy inside end result, locked with flavours from marination.

Quench your thirst with drinks from Maerryme, a dessert drink corner located in the same premise with BAE. Beverage choices are aplenty, concoction can be from classic to creative, fun and very “rainbow” photography-worthy. Sooooo many that we literally lost count on – Milo T-Rex, Coconut Madness, Jagung Ranger, Teh Awesome, Kopi Awesome, Cendol, Horlicks Me, AC, Sesame Black Susu, Pandan Wheat Grass with Selasih, Lychee Ribena, Sprite Float, 3 Layer Pandan, Soursop Yoghurt Balls, Honey Dew Power, Soya Cincau Selasih, Coke Float, Root Beer Float and a lot more.

Mango Tango + 3 Layer Pandan RM11.20

Cendol + ABC RM11.20

Enjoy in Max Bomb (*single flavour), or Kahwin (*choose 2 flavours). In case you are in doubt, we suggest Cendol, ABC, Mango Tango and 3 Layer Romantic. Never expect that their Cendol will be so nice. Not too sweet, a balance of coconut milk, gula melaka with faint salty hints that make it pretty outstanding.

You can also DIY your own drinks by adding toppings like Lychee Kayaku, Colour Balls, Mango Balls, Red Bean, corn, Chia Seeds, Barley, Caramel, Aiyu Jelly, Cendol, Cincau, Cookie Crumbs, Sago, Pearl, Coffee Koyaku, Frozen Sourso, Chocolate Sauce. Style it up! Our creation is like above. Not too bad huh? Hehe.

In short, whether you visit in a group of 2, 4, 6, 8, 10 or beyond and want to get double or tripe order of all these RM2.50 dishes; looking for quick and fuss free meal with more varieties but cheaper price; or merely to fulfill your laksa or meet soto craving in between meals, #BAE is where you should go for. Indulge as much or as little as you desire. Be the architect of your food, and compose your very own #BAE. Not to forget, do try out Maerryme cendol.

#BAE – Build and Eat, Maerry:Me

6 Jalan Telawi 4
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Opening Hours: 11AM – 11PM daily
BAE Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/bae.buildandeat/
Maerry:Me Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/maerryme.my/