Tiki Taka Medan Damansara KL New Menu: Pintxos, Tapas, Cocktails

Tiki Taka at Jalan Kasah, Medan Damansara Kuala Lumpur made its name serving beyond-your-expectation pintxos and tapas, ever since they opened to public back in mid-year of 2016.

Besides, in case you are not aware, Tiki Taka pours one of the best Connor’s in town. The extremely smooth, creamy foam layer sitting on top of the beer is so on point, even smoother than some of the coffee frothed milk foam we had in cafes.

If you wonder is there a need to make such a big fuss just over a pint of beer? Wait till you give a taste to Connor’s in Tiki Taka, you’ll know the difference. Getting the foam right seems easy but it is actually harder than expected, at least for us. It is worth making your drinking experience better in Tiki Taka with Connors poured with skill.

Ultimate Lobster Pizza RM42

But of course, having only drink is certainly not enough in this place that is complete with a good list of food. Salted Egg Crab Bun, Singapore Chilli Prawns Mantao, Shaoxing Chilli Prawn Pasta, Nutella Bacon Toast, Mantou Buttermilk Fried Chicken, Wild Boar Rendang, Sin is King Pork Pizza are some of the big hit among diners, along with other choices like Saffron & Suid Ink pasta, Char Siew Pizza, Chilled Nyonya Pastas, Ayam Percik, Bloody Mary Pizza, and Pork Satay, just to name a few.

Tiki Taka is a Spanish-inspired restaurant but they are pretty adventurous in combining elaborated ingredients, from local to Asian and Western to achieve dishes with interesting fusion flavours. The core person to all these beautiful food creation? – Chef Carrie who carries sweet smiles all the time, and her passionate kitchen team.

Recently, Tiki Taka has added a series of new stuffs to their menu, while keeping most of their signature dishes. Get ready to sink your teeth into these unique pintxos, tapas, main courses, desserts. You might find your new favourites.

Mini Pork Burger RM11

Get started with Mini Pork Burger. Almost an inch thick homemade grilled pork patty, strawberry pink peppercorn ketchup, kyuri, mozzarella and salsa sandwiched within pink brioche bun coloured up with real beetroot juices. Small in size, big in flavours – it is juicy, meaty, laced with bold sweetness and sour tang. Expect this to be another must-have after Salted Egg Yolk Crab Bun.

Pork Belly Mantou RM8

Next up, sliced pork belly stacked between mantou. Akin to braised pork belly with steamed mantou we have in Chinese restaurant, yet unique in its own way with caramelized meat in chewier texture, coated with gula Melaka chilli syrup. Savoury-sweet with refreshing hints, thanks to the pickled starfruit that does wonder.

Miso Scallop RM28

Queen scallops baked with miso mushroom cheese sauce, garnished with parsley, ikura and drizzles of Tabasco. Feels like a Western-Japanese twist. Four scallops in one order, topping is creamy but not cloying, so finish all without sharing is easy peasy.

XO Lo Bak Go RM25

Saw this “dim sum” on Tiki Taka Tapas menu, Lo Bak Go aka Pan Fried Raddish Cake. Can’t help but to check it out. Liberally stuffed with Chinese waxed pork sausage and shitake mushroom, this pan fried raddish cake is rather stiff in bite instead of moist and supple, but still alright in overall. They are generous with the homemade premium XO sauce that packed a punch so suggests to begin with small amount to avoid getting flavours overloaded.

Nasi Lemak Babi RM23

Many says that when in Tiki Taka, comes for their Connors and cocktails, stays for their appetizers but hey, we will say that don’t miss the deep fried pork ribs in their Nasi Lemak Babi. Love how the tender, juicy pork ribs are laced with aroma of herbs and spices, and a thin crunchy outer layer, laced over with addictive flavours of herbs. For the rest, the essential ingredients of a standard Nasi Lamak – fragrant pandan coconut rice, spicy sambal, anchovies, peanuts sums up into this decent Nasi Lemak platter.

Summer Baby! RM19

End the meal with dessert that reminds you everything about Summerae,  – sea breeze, coconut drink, sunny beach… Presented like a picture of “Summer by the Seaside”, this sweet treat put together caramelized pineapple in Gula Melaka, handcrafted toasted coconut ice cream, mango gel, rose sponge, hibiscus preserve, passion fruit sauce.

Made our dinner more perfect with cocoktails selections from Tiki Taka bar. try from Shoreditch- gin base cocoktail muddled with cucumbers, fresh lemon juice, apple syrup; Californication RM29- tropical blend of absolut voda, midori, granadine, pineapple, orange juice, Havana RM29- Fruity mix of malibu, vanilla, mango, pineapple juice..

Champs-Elysees RM29- sweet & sour with absolute vodka, fresh lemon juice, egg white. De Wallen RM29 – sweeter than most. Fruity blend of Vodka, frangelico, pineapplse juice, strawberry, apple syrup.

Teh Jameson RM29

…Teh Jameson RM29 – Jameson whiskey, fresh lemon juice, honey, shaken. Topped with green tea, ginger ale, fresh mint leaves as garnish. Our recommendation? Ginza RM29. A gin base cocktail shaken hard with taste of fresh herbs. Like how rosemary and basil leaves infused in this drink, just nice, not sweet.

Copacabana RM29

Copacabana RM29 is more photogenic compare to the rest of the cocktails we tried out in Taki Take. Fresh mint leaves, lime, coconut cream, Havana rum, malibu, pineapple jucei served in hollowed coconut shell. Interesting taste, sip slow to enjoy.

Give Tiki Taka a try with your loved ones, friends or families and make your dining experience more memorable.

Tiki Taka

138, Jalan Kasah,
Medan Damansara,
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Opening hours: 4PM – 10PM
Faebook: https://www.facebook.com/tikitakamy/