Royal Canton Dim Sum Breakfast @ DC Mall Damansara KL

Sunday breakfast calls for dim sum!

Woke up with a strong craving for dim sum last weekend but since it was already 10AM, selections from our favourite dim sum shop in Pudu probably has run out of choices, and we weren’t in the mood to beat the crowd at some famous dim sum restaurants for dim sum. Read from our friend’s Babysumo blog review about dim sum at Royal Canton in Damansara City and decided to give it try. Since we have been wanting to visit the Birch Cafe which is located in the same mall too, so cafe hopping after dim sum lunch is just nice isn’t it?

If you are not aware, Damansara City is a brand new mall in Bukit Damansara KL, with unique architectures that is so Instagram-worthy that we bet you don’t mind taking few more pictures with it. Restaurants and cafes are currently dominating the mall. Hence it is more crowded during weekday, less people on weekend.

Royal Canton is formerly known as Canton Fare, located in Mont Kiara. Despite the re-branding and revamping of menu, Royal Canton still keeps most of their famous dishes, such as char siew, siew yuke and peking duck. Food selections are wide, covering from affordable Chinese homecooked food to more luscious delicacies such as fish maw, abalone, bird nest and so forth.

Dim sum wise, Royal Canton carries a lovely selection of classic treat that we are familiar with, like har gau, siew mai, chee cheong fan, loh mai gai, fish balls, steamed spare ribs with yam, porridge, char siew bao, lao sha bao..

..As well as modern dim sum with creative touch including durian paste pancake, bird nest egg tart, wagyu beef porridge, century egg dumpling, wagyu beef with mandarin orange peel rice roll and more.

With a mid-high range ambience, dim sum price here is considered affordable. You can enjoy a basket of starting from as low as RM8. But of course for more premium dim sum with ingredients like wagyu beef, bird nest, fish maw, expect it to be on higher price.

We especially loved their Squid Ball with Golden Thread RM12 – deep fried to golden brown morsels, combining bounciness of squid ball with crispiness from curly popiah strip coated all over. Contrasting textures that require more chew but so good!

Egg Tart in Puff Pastry RM10 appeared slightly not-so-evenly-baked at the edges but this doesn’t minus the good taste. Flaky and buttery pastry asides, it holds extra pleasing sweetness embedded within the crust, like what we found in liege waffle with pearl sugar. Pairing well with the not so sweet, custard-y egg filling nestled in it.

Stir Fried Raddish Cake RM15 is another favourite of ours. Portion is generous, stir-fried with essential ingredients that a plate of chao lo bak gou should have – turnip cubes, egg, bean sprouts, chives, chai poh, etc.. A little XO sauce is added in too but not overwhelmed, just nice to enhance the overall taste. We rarely finished our stir fried loh bak gou but we did this time! It may not be fully loaded with wok hei, but the flavours are there. tiny bits of egg coated to the the raddish cubes is so on point, not too oily.

As Summerkid saw the word  “century egg” on Royal Canton steamed dim sum menu, he couldn’t help but to skip his must-have siew mai and gave way to Century Egg & Pork Dumpling RM12. Lol.

Xiao Loong Bao with Black Truffle RM18 may not be the best in town, but tasted quite alright too. Flavourful broth and minced meat, laced with beautiful earthy taste of black truffle. Sip on the soup and have it in one mouth gives a more satisfying experience. Better if the skin could go thinner.

Chee Cheong Fun is quite smooth, smoother when having special soy sauce dressed over. We took some time for photography but still good when we had it. Most local dim sum shop only has Char Siew or Prawn options, but Royal Canton has more. From Hong Kong street style rice roll with Sweet Sauce RM6 to premium Wagyu Beef Rice Roll RM48 and Hokkaido Rice Roll RM22. There’s even Vegetarian Rice Roll to go for.

End the meal with Mixed Fruits Lemongrass Pudding RM10. Must-try if you like Ai Yu Bing. Very refreshing with hints of lemongrass in it, further added with fruity tang from cubed mango and melon topping over. Mango Sago with Pomelo RM10 was not bad too and if you want something hot, check out their Ginger Soup Sesame Tong Yuen RM8. We like this so much. Good ratio between sugar and ginger, hence very comforting and help to ease the greasiness from your mains.

Didn’t manage to have Royal Canton Restaurant Hdeliong Kon Style Po Lo Bao with Barbecued Pork, Salted Egg Custard Bun and Grouper Fillet Porridge a try. Heard these are also delicious. Will order in next visit.

Royal Canton Chinese Restaurant

Damansara City Mall Second Floor
(Besides OISO Korean Restaurant)
DC Mall, Jalan Damanlela,
Bukit Damansara, 50490 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Opening Hours: 10.30AM – 3PM, 6PM – 10PM
Contact: 03-2731 4628