Food by Fat Cat Cafe, Jaya Grocer Sunway Geo Avenue Subang

Food by Fat Cat at Sunway Geo Avenue Subang Jaya, a new cafe venture by the cheerful team behind The Good Batch and Nara Kitchen & Co. Damansara Uptown PJ.

Located at the corner of Jaya Grocer Sunway Geo Avenue, Food by Fat Cat poised to entice the tastebuds of food lovers with heart-warming dishes, covering from rice bowls, fusion ramens, soup, all-day-breakfast, homemade waffles, fresh coffee and tea.

Cinnamon-Dusted Churros Dipped with Matcha Pandan Sauce

Key ingredients are kept classic but the modern fusion, innovative touch that completes each dish is easily spotted – thinks Cinnamon-Dusted Churros Dipped with Matcha Pandan Sauce; Creamy Carbonara with Japanese Ramen, Edamame Beans; Japanese Fried Rice with Homemade Kimchi, Tempura Onsen Egg; Ninja Fries with Ebiko Sauce, etc.. Sounds interesting huh?

Food by Fat Cat Cafe Photography Worthy Interior

The entire space is thoughtfully designed, with easy access from both the hypermarket and from the mall outdoor. Entrance from Jaya Grocer is certainly catchy – a wall of brass shelving system adorned with green potted plants, framed pictures, and mini ornaments. This decoration reminds us about The Other Half Cafe in TTDI, but graceful in its own way.

Marble top brass leg high tables with bold black high chairs – our favourite section. Straight away “hide inside” once saw and enjoy our undisturbed moments, indulge into rice bowl, sipping coffee while watching passers by. Nothing beats a relaxing, lazy Sunday brunch like this. We like.

Fattie Bom Bom RM17.90 – Chicken Kaarage Rice Bowl with Ebiko Sauce

Rice bowl, comfort food that is hard to go wrong with. Put together protein, vegetables, and egg over a bed of rice for us- we are happy kids then. Food by Fat Cat soft launch menu includes 6 types of rice bowl, namely Lat-Lat Gangnam Fried Rice RM12.90, Japanese Curry Tempura mushroom, Chicken Oyako Don, Ninja Bowl, Fattie Bom Bom RM17.90, and Sweet Pineapple Moo Moo Gyudon RM21.90.

Had a bowl of texture loaded Fattie Bom Bom – Crispy chicken kaarage, drizzled with creamy, subtly spicy chef’s dynamite ebiko sauce, finished with juicy sauteed mushroom, an onsen egg and chopped scallion. Short fat Japanese rice in Food by Fat Cat version is less moist and less sticky, more loosen but still delicious.

Low-Fat Eggs & Soldiers RM6.90 – Soft Boiled Eggs with French Brioche

No-rice patrons can opt for Fusion Ramen like Minced Chicken Ramen RM14.90, Chicken Yaki-Ramen RM15.90, Stir Fry Beef Ramen RM18.90, Creamy Carbonara Ramen RM18.90; or all-day-breakfast platters such as Matcha Buttermilk Waffles, Vanilla Ice Cream RM12.90; Buttermilk Waffle Stack with Grilled Turkey Ham, Melted Cheese, Organic fried Egg RM17.90; Buttermilk Waffle, Chicken Karaage, Kimchi Pineapple, Poached Eggs, Hollandaise Sauce RM21.90; French toast, toffee-nut Honey RM9.50.

Low-Fat Eggs & Soldiers is somehow worth-mentioned, as we like how Food by Fat Cat put in extra effort in serving buttered, toasted French brioche instead of just white toast, baguatte or normal grain bread. For just RM6.90 in price, we get double half -boiled organic eggs and three generous bread sticks.

Cinnamon-dusted Churrous RM9.50, Add RM2 for Homemade Matcha Pandan Sauce

Diners who are looking for sweet treats in between meals, Food by Fat Cat Cafe is happy to serve you churrous, cakes, scones and other desserts from their very own Nara & Co.. Matcha Pandan Sauce that uses premium matcha powder from reputable Niko Neko Matcha is something not to be missed. We have this for our churros! Sweet, stronger pandan flavour but can still get the faint hints of matcha in it.

Latte, Flat White RM10

Coffee is still something that the team prides at, hence a cup of flat white, latte, cappuccino, flavour-infused coffee or just black will not disappoint. They are currently using mix origin coffees, direct trade with farmers from 4 countries, roasted by Coffex Coffee Malaysia.

Overall, a new recommended cafe in Sunway for breakfast, brunch and teatime. Service is friendly, staffs are attentive. Semi self-service ordering system. Pick what you want to eat, order & pay at the counter, take your order number, food will be sent to your place. Check it out.

Food by Fat Cat

(opposite Sunway Medical Centre)
Jaya Grocer Sunway Geo Avenue,
D-01-01, Block D,
Jalan Lagoon Selatan,
Sunway South Quay,
Bandar Sunway,
47500 Subang Jaya, Selangor.
Opening Hours: Mon-Sun 10AM-10PM (Kitchen last call 9.15PM)

NOTE: Rice bowls and Ramen available from 11AM onwards