Isaac Toast Malaysia KLIA2: Korea Famous Sandwich Toast is Here

The opening of Isaac Toast Malaysia in KLIA2 brings crazy queue, as expected.

We love Isaac Toast & Coffee too, but not that die-hard to travel all the way from Kuala Lumpur to KLIA2 just for this when Isaac Toast Malaysia first KL outlet opened. Despite so, still feeling glad that we managed to give it a try on their very first month of opening, as we were at the airport leaving for Japan trip in October too.

Location & Opening Hours :

24hours/ KLIA 2 Arrival Hall, Level 2, L2-105
Next to Baskin Robbin, Same row with Donut’s Coffee Bakery

The queue:

Queue wasn’t really long when we reached at about 11AM. A short 10 minutes wait for ordering, another 20 minutes or so for our food to arrive.

Sandwiches are prepared batch by batch. So if you are lucky enough to be grouped under the same batch with customers in front of you after ordering, you might be able to get your sandwich quick. Else, be patient to wait. Staffs will call your number (*stated on receipt) once your sandwich is ready.

The menu:

Isaac Toast menu Malaysia is clearly, have lesser choices compared to Korea. Less than 10 types of sandwiches, namely:

Bacon Cheese Special RM15
Bacon & Cheese Bagel RM16
Ham & Cheese Special RM13.90
Ham & Cheese RM12
Potato MVP RM13.90
Potato Double Cheese RM15
Hot Chicken MVP RM16
Very Hot Chicken Cutlet (choice: hot or very hot) RM17

Complete with a list of beverages to go with your sandwich.

The Taste:

Ham & Cheese Special RM13.90

Hot Chicken MVP RM16

Felt so anticipated when our sandwiches arrived. Fresh, piping-hot toast placed in pocket style packaging, like how we get in Korea.

All the essential ingredients are in – Crispy outside, fluffy within buttered square toast, sandwiching Isaac Toast signature square-shape pan-fried egg, liberal amount of shredded cabbage, Isaac Toast special sauce, and meat/filling of your choice.

Looks promising. We happily tucked in and erm… not as good. The taste is somehow… different.

The Comparison:

Having tasted Isaac Toast in Seoul, Korea before, we couldn’t help but to put some comparison to it. In Korea, these simple combinations sum up to magical taste. Each ingredient complements each other well, giving delicious, multi-textures and flavours right from the first bite. So nice that we can have 2 for breakfast.

Back here, we do hope that Isaac Toast Malaysia version can stay close to what we had in Korea. Sadly, still have room of improvement. We saw that they used butter and sauces imported from Korea, definitely the plus point. For egg and vegetables, we couldn’t taste the moist and juiciness as in Korea, which probably the reason that lead to more one-dimensional taste.


Isaac Toast Malaysia sandwich price starts from RM13. Slightly expensive for us but if you love it and enjoy having it whenever you want in KL without travelling miles, you might feel the other way. For the price, we prefer to keep this for Korea and go to Subway, O’briens, or other proper cafe sandwiches in Klang Valley instead.

Overall, worth trying or not, is very personal. Some of our friends said it is superb but for us, ok la, not too bad. Still, we admit that this sandwich kiosk doesn’t grow famous with over 700 outlets globally for no reasons. Because Isaac Toast & Coffee back in South Korea is real excellent! Give it a try if you in Korea!

Issac Toast & Coffee Malaysia

(*Beside Baskin Robbin)
L2-105, KLIA 2 Arrival Hall,
Gateway@KLIA 2
Kuala Lumpur International Airport 2
Opening Hours: 24hours (*with 30 minutes closing when staffs changing shift)