Botanica Deli Street Burgers, Bangsar South: 6 Burgers from 6 Chefs

Botanica Deli at The Verticals, Bangsar South, Kuala Lumpur now serves weekday dinner! Nothing about rice bowl, salad, soup, steak or spaghetti, but huge, hearty burgers that will make your dinner time merrier with some bur-gembira moments!

6 different burgers from 6 chefs, each carrying its own special twist of flavours, a story and inspiration from Malaysia’s beloved street burger stall.

Nina’s Ayam Burger RM23

Get started with Nina’s Ayam Burger, a chicken burger in Hawaiian style. Homemade chicken patty, jazzed up with glorious smoky sweet BBQ sauce, cheesy melted cheese and a slice of juicy sweet pineapple ring for hula hula skirt summer feel, all within two buttered bun.

Armstrong Shidah Burger RM25

Next, Armstrong Shidah Beef Burger, Summerkis’s favourite. With so many races and cultures found in Malaysia, this burger is prepared using ingredients popular with different cultures, added with more local touch through “telur mata kerbau”, or sunny side up.

Tito’s Got Fish Burger RM23

Chef Tito was expecting his first baby at the time he created this burger, and his wife told him that she wanted burger with fish in it. He created this home-made patty using fresh halibut fish, seasoned with plenty of local spices. Very meaty fish patty with dense texture, sandwiched with coleslaw, pickled vegetable and tartar sauce between two buns. He has successfully satisfied his wife’s pregnancy-cravings, and now, you can try it at Botanica Deli.

Rooster Cham Burger RM25

Burger Ayam Double Special – if this is something that you will ask for in a mamak burger stall most of the time, Botanica Deli’s Rooster Cham Burger might be your favourite. Double chicken patty wrapped with egg, added with onion for extra crunch.

Risman’s Nasi Burger RM25

Since Chef Risman is trained in Japanese cuisine, he decided to create a localized burger with Japanese influence. So he began experimenting with Japanese ingredients, and came up with a unique crispy rice bun to substitute usual bread bun that everyone expects, then layering beef patty, yaki nori seaweed and wasabi in between. Be sure to check out this local x Japanese burger.

Abang-Hood Burger RM25

Lamb Burger anyone? This Abang-hood burger idea was from non-local staffs in Botanica Deli, where they re-created a memorable burger they had from a roadside stall on their way home one day, after a busy day in the kitchen. Must-try. Better with a glass of icy cold soft drink!

To us, having a burger without fries is incomplete. Glad to see that Botanic Deli Street Burger dinner menu covers also fries, not just one type, but 4 types of them – Sweet Potato Fries RM15, Criss-Cross Fries RM13, Skin-On French Fries RM13, Curly Fries RM13. Served with a choice of Chipotle Citrus Sauce or Kampung Hot Sauce.

Wash down with thirst quenching Root Beer Float, Coke Float and Iced Lemon Tea. So happy to sip on Root Beer Float. Refreshing, fizzy with creamy sweetness topped over, a favourite drink that we have not had in a while.

Head over to Botanica Deli for delicious burgers, available from Monday to Friday, 5.30PM – 9.30PM.

Botanica Deli Cafe

G3A/G5 Podium, The Verticals,
Bangsar South City,
No.8 Jalan Kerinchi,
59200 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Contact: 016-965 6422