Mr. Dakgalbi Pearl Point KL: Stretchy Cheese Korean Dakgalbi

Mr. Dakgalbi is now opened in Pearl Point Shopping Mall, Old Klang Road, Kuala Lumpur!

Came across this newly opened Mr. Dakgalbi when we were running errands in Pearl Point Shopping Mall last week. Just right to make it as our lunch place that day, as Summergirl has been craving for Korean food for nearly a month.

Situated in the old wing of Pearl Point Mall, Mr. Dakgalbi can be easily spotted from the main road. If you walked from the new wing, it is worth taking some time to locate this new outlet, which is at Lower Ground floor.

Living up to its name, Mr. Dakgalbi is a restaurant specializes in dakgalbi, a type of popular Korean dish that stir-fried together marinated chicken chunks, crunchy cabbage, sliced onion, leek, chewy Korean rice cake, starchy sliced potato and springy ramen in a large frying pan to result in a delicious one-pot delight packed with flavours, along with myriad of textures from different ingredients.

And yeah, Mr. Dakgalbi is one of our favourite restaurants when comes to Dakgalbi.

Ordered a set of Dakgalbi with cheese ring, which is now at promotional price of RM76 for medium dakgalbi + cheese ring + ramen + fried rice + another extra 100g cheese for FREE. Yay, more cheese for our dakgalbi!

In Mr. Dakgalbi, staff will assist on the cooking. Save the hassle of tossing and stirring on your own to get your food cooked. Just lay back, relax and wait for your food to be served. Hehe. We had kimchi in between the wait too.

Cheese is slowly melting… Can’t wait to dig in. If you are curious to know, Mr. Dakgalbi uses 50% of mozzarella cheese and 50% of cheddar cheese for the cheese ring.

Mr. Dakgalbi is thoughtful enough a have a large still ring cover around the pan while cooking to avoid sauces from dirtying your clothes.

After ramen is added and mixed together with the rest of the ingredients, we are ready to enjoy our dakgalbi!

Try a bit of everything in original flavours before going to the best part – Dunk pieces of dakgalbi chicken into hot, melted pool of cheese, coat them thickly, pull up and twirl. Sinfully delicious cheesiness, tender bites of chicken flavoured up with spicy sweet sauce – perfect match.

Dunk – pull- twirl, we repeated the same for potato and rice cake. Ultimate cheesy dalkgabi meal yes, no?

Who love STRETCHY CHEESE as much as we do?!

When we were almost done with the dakgalbi, staff returned to our seats and prepare fried rice using the same pot.

They will also ask if you would want to add some cheese into your fried rice. Of course is YES for us! Food with cheese is always better! Add more cheese!

Equally satisfying pan-fried rice, enhanced with flavours from remaining dakgalbi and pleasing burnt aroma left from cooking Korean spicy chilli sauce earlier.

Besides the standard pot portion, there is an add-on list where you can pick your favourite, including ramen, mushroom, sweet potato, cheese rice cake, shrimp, octupus, dakgalbi, cheese, etc..

Other than Dalkgabi, Mr Dakgalbi also offers fried rice option, very reasonable price below RM20 per portion.

Wash down with Pokemon Natural Deep Sea Sparkling Water! 8 flavours to choose from – peach, muscat grape, cider, original, orange, apple, pear and cucumber.

Will check out with Mr. Dakgalbi if you are happened to be around.

Thanks to Mr.Dakgalbi, you can now enjoy 20% discount off your till 31st Jan 2018, Quote “Malaysian Flavours” and enjoy 20% off your bill. Not applicable with other promotions or vouchers yo!

Mr. Dakgalbi

Lot No. 1.0.51 Ground floor,
Pearl Point Shopping Mall,
Batu 5, Jalan Klang Lama,
58000 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Opening Hours: 10AM – 9.30PM
Contact: 03-7497 9786