Tea Press Bangsar KL: Zen Moments with Traditional Japanese Tea

Tea Press – The Japanese Tea Roaster is now opened in Bangsar Kuala Lumpur, Jalan Telawi 2, right next to La Bodega.

Our weekend food hunting lean more to coffee hopping than tea hopping – you probably know it if you followed our blog. But as some of the tea establishments begin to surface in town, slowly taking the limelight with positive reviews, we give a switch in between our cafe hopping session and visit few of the highly recommended tea cafes in town. Tea Press, is certainly one of them.

Started out in Damansara Uptown 2 years back, Tea Press impresses many tea lovers with their premium Japanese tea, brewed by well-trained tea sommeliers. Their success has led them to the opening of new outlet in the bustling Jalan Telawi 2, Bangsar Kuala Lumpur.

Shop front of Tea Press Bangsar stays close to the design of Tea Press Uptown – catchy, signature blue with brass details. You will hardly miss out this shop when you pass by Telawi 2.

Interior is homey, putting together white square porcelain tiles, wooden furnishing, walls painted in bold yellow and blue, further adorned with a wall of Instagram-worthy tea canisters display.

Come for the tea, stay for the Zen moments.

You can either sit at the normal dining table, or by the tea bar counter and watch tea sommelier preparing tea that adheres to traditional Japanese tea making processes and culture. You might bump into Yoshiki Nagai San if you are lucky! And we did! Hehe.

Same as Tea Press Uptown, here at Tea Press Bangsar, Japanese tea takes the centre stage too. You get a promising list of tea beverage, from Green Tea to Hoji Tea, Tea Espresso, Seasonal Tea and Tea of the Day; or with milk like Tea Latte, tea-based smoothies and even Hoji Lemonade.

Other than Fukumushi – cha, which is green tea steamed at a longer period of time than any typical tea and Asamushi-cha – green tea steamed at a shorter period of time; you can also have Green Tea blended with roasted grains of brown rice, dried berries or tangerine & marigold.  Do check out also Coffee Mixed – roasted green tea blended with coffee beans, also our favourite.

Complement your Japanese tea session with wagashi 和菓子, or traditional Japanese sweet treats. Tea Press offers Daifuku Strawberry, Sakura Mochi, Warabi Mochi and Anmitsu Green Tea.

Differ from Tea Press Uptown Damansara, where the menu is largely comprises of Japanese-related dishes, from beverage to savouries and sweet treat, food selections in Tea Press Bangsar is incorporated with Western twist. Says, pasta.

Options aren’t extensive but decently curated. Four types of pastas in the meantime, namely Pepperonchino Pasta, Bolognese Pasta, Carbonara Pasta and Genovese Pasta.

Personally, we enjoyed Carbonara Pasta. Rich and creamy sauce thickly coated to strands of spaghetti, very satisfying dish but quite filling. Suggest to share this between 2 persons if you are small eater.

Japanese curry rice is our top pick! A bed of Japanese rice, dressed in thick, flavourful Japanese beef curry sauce that carries subtle spiciness and sweetness, blended with faint hints of sourness. Simple comfort food, yet delicious. Feel like asking for seconds.

Diners looking for light bites can opt for quiche. We checked out vegetable quiche, a different take from our usual quiche with meat. It may not be the best quiche in town but still, quite alright to fill your craving for savoury pastry.

Teatime of Green Tea + Green Tea French Toast. Sounds good? Get it at Tea Press Bangsar. Fuffly soft French Toast flavoured up with green tea, drizzles with maple syrups and berries compote, finally added with a side of must-have whipped cream. Take a bit of everything and have together for the best taste.

Tea Press – The Japanese Tea Roaster

14, Jalan Telawi 2,
Bangsar Baru, Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur.
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TeaPressMY/