[Nara] Coffee Beans Rococo Café: Specialty Coffee in Nara Japan

Coffee Beans Rococo Café ( コーヒービーンズ ロココ or Rokumei Coffee) is one of the famous cafés in Nara Japan that serves pretty good specialty coffee.

Our breakfast when in Japan is usually pre-packed sandwich and onigiri plus bottled milk tea and coffee from either Lawson, Family Mart or 7-11. Mainly because we want to save time, and since breakfast choices from convenient store in Japan are awesome, so why not? But for our 1 day trip in Nara, we decided to wake up earlier and enjoy sit-down breakfast in Rococo Cafe.

We reached Nara by Kintetsu train, easy direct access from Namba. Upon Exit 4 of Nara Kintetsu train station, you will see Gyoza No Osho 餃子の王将  in front on you. We walked for like less than 20 seconds and Rococo Cafe was already on our right. So much nearer than we expected ok?!

Rococo opens as early as 8AM, serving affordable breakfast that consists of 1 main, side dishes and 1 drink. Price are mainly below 800yen. Ala-carte dishes are available too.

It was a chilly, sunny morning at around 15 ℃, hence we decided to sit outdoor next to the walking street, enjoy our coffee while looking at passers-by. P/S” the street is so so so clean we cannot ignore. Hahaha.

For Morning Set, pick from selections like panini, sandwiches, waffle, bread and cakes, then your choice of drink. Unlike in Malaysia, where breakfast set is usually restricted to just black coffee or tea. Here in Rococo, we can have from drip coffee, cappuccino, iced coffee, coffee of the day, latte, espresso, tea, milk and juices! So much varieties that we already start liking this shop even before our food arrived.

Breakfast is served! Mixed sandwich + yougurt + salad + cappuccino; and double waffles + yougurt + salad + maple syrup and milk + today’s coffee. Varieties made us happy!

Look at our cappuccino, it is freshly grind coffee with nicely frothed milk and beautiful latte art on top. Taste really good. Smooth and milky, with nutty sweetness. Japan’s milk does magic we have to admit. LOL.

Mixed sandwich is just alright, with a layer of ham, pan-fried egg and liberal amount of vegetables sandwiched within.

Waffle is better. Very basic but great on the crunchy outer layer, chewy fluff within. Add-on some sweet with maple syrup – a sweetness that goes in perfect with our Brazilian brewed coffee.

Total bill came to about 1500yen. You may feel it is expensive if you converted into ringgit but for Japan expenses, we would say it worth the price we pay for. Ambience is superb, service is polite and friendly, coffee is undeniably good! Put Coffee Beans Rococo into your must-do list if you love coffee and if you are visiting Nara very soon!

Coffee Beans Rococoコーヒービーンズ ロココ (ko-hi-bi-nzurokoko)
Address: Japan, 〒630-8134 Nara-ken,
Nara-shi, Nishimikadochō,31奈良県 奈良市 西御門町 31
Reach: Exit 4 of Kintetsu Train, turn left and walk for 1 minute
Opening Hours: 8AM- 7PM, tuesay till 6PM
Contact:+81 742-23-4075
Suggested breakfast: Ham & Cheese Panini Set/ Waffle Set/Mixed Sandwich Set