Neighbour’s Coffee Bar, Happy Garden PJ: Japanese Fuwa Fuwa Pancake

Neighbour’s Coffee Bar, or more known as Neighbourhood Cafe in Seri Gembira Avenue, Happy Garden, Petaling Jaya is a big hit among dessert lovers. People flock to this cafe for their legendary Japanese-style Fuwa-fuwa Souffle Pancake, which might take an hour of waiting during peak hour.

We visited Neighbourhood Cafe when they first opened in Sri Petaling, Kuala Lumpur. That time, churros was their famous items. Limited food selection, just alright coffee but scored on wash-white, minimalism interior design. We never thought of returning until one day, we came across their OMG-such-a-jiggle-fluffy-delicious-looking-pancake on Instagram.

But before we had the chance to check it out, Neighbourhood Cafe announced temporarily closure, saying they would shift to somewhere else, location TBA. Meh. We waited. So happy when we saw that Neighbourhood Cafe is reopening in Happy Garden, with a similar name – Neighbour’s Coffee Bar!

It was a full house when we reached there at noon. Secured one of the very last three tables outdoor. Quite hot but better lighting for photography. Just, didn’t feel comfortable eating in between the crowd, as tables are quite close to each other. You could literally overhead conversation from customers sitting next to you. Like, seriously. LOL.

Back to food. Neighbour’s Coffee Bar menu covers popular breakfast & brunch options such as big breakfast, egg benedict, burger, granola bowl, avocado toasties, brioche French toast; all-day egg & ham croissant, ham & beef sandwich, cheesy pesto sandwich…

…Pasta including Smoked Duck Aglio-Olio Pasta, Mushroom Aglio-Olio Pasta, Mushroom Pesto Pasta, Classic Carbonara Pasta, Chicken Bolognese Pasta, Shrimp Scampi Pasta. Had a try on Smoked Duck Aglio-Olio Spaghetti. Pretty decent with spaghetti cooked to al-dente, tossed with chilli flakes, olive oil and garlic. More flavours derived from smoky, savoury smoked duck slices.

Our Fuwa-fuwa Pancake with Seasonal Fruits! Very soft and airy, souffle-like. Paired with fresh whipped cream and fruits for a refreshing flavours in between. You can also add-on softserve for more satisfying pancake dessert experience! Regret for not adding this. LOL.

Overall, we wouldn’t say that it is not good, just texture wise, it is different from Japan Souffle Pancake. Neighbourhood Cafe ‘s version is softer, easily melt-in-mouth but for Japanese Pancake we had in Japan (GRAM Cafe to be exact), it was more like a cross of spongy cake and souffle.

Neighbour’s Coffee Bar ‘s coffee doesn’t disappoint. Classic black and white, or mocha, cold brew, and pour over are all worth checking out.

In fact, the coffee is now whole lot better from the first time we had in their former Sri Petaling outlet. Such a huge difference. Feel so happy with their improvement. Loud applause.

Other than espresso-based beverage, diners can also have fresh juice, matcha, chocolate, sparkling drink, chai latte, royal milk tea, earl grey milk tea. Flavour-infused latte like Walnut Hazel Latte and Black Sesame Latte are available too.

If souffle is your favourite, Fuwa-fuwa Pancake in Neighbourhood cafe could earn your liking.

Neighbour’s Coffee Bar

A-G-1, Seri Gembira Avenue,
No 6, Jalan Senang Ria,
Happy Garden,
58200 Kuala Lumpur.
Business Hours:
Mon – Thu (9am – 6pm)
Fri – Sun (9am – 11pm)