Bangkok 3D2N Itinerary: Eat, Shop, BKK Cafe Hopping – Day 2 & 3

[Bangkok 3D2N 2018 Travel Post – Part 2] Started our day great with breakfast provided by Airbnb in Thonglar, then visit Roast BKK, Open House Central Embassy, Jeh-O Chula, Karmakamet Secret World and more!


Woke Up in Airbnb Sleep Industry Café Lovely Breakfast & Coffee

Rise and shine!
Went down to Sleep Industry Café and had our Airbnb complimentary breakfast!

At first we thought we would be given only normal toast & bread with black coffee, at most with fruits and yogurt but we were wrong! They let us choose anything we like from Sleep Industry Café ala-carte menu, where all are priced above 200baht. They also let us choose any coffee we like – cappuccino, latte, long black, mocha or matcha latte. So kind of them!

Buttered toast with double poached egg, avocado and shrimp, topped with Hollandaise sauce – “Good-looking” tasty food that brighten up our day. Not any shabby, cincai breakfast. Felt so blissful.

Another set is Big Breakfast with bacon loaded bread roll, salad and two sunny side up. Nice too.

Even our coffee and matcha latte came with smiley biscuit!

Beautiful rooms, lovely breakfast for 2. Really worth the RM205/ night.

Karmakamet Secret World – The Hidden Dining Garden in Bangkok

First stop of the day – Karmakamet Diner.

Karmakamet Secret World is very near to Phrom Phrong BTS Skytrain station (E5), one stop from Thong Lo (E6). From Phrom Phrong BTS, follow Exit 2, walk down the staircase that has Tiffany & Co. on your left. Continue to go around Tiffany & Co, walk straight, passing through Emporium Suites. Continue straight for like 2 minutes, you will see a sign directing you to the small lane, leading to Karmakamet Diner in less than 5 minutes.

Karmakamet actually started out in Chatuchak Market, specializing in aromatic products and essential oil since 2001. As time goes by, they begin gaining popularity among locals and tourists, successfully expanded to have Karmakamet Aromatic, Karmakamet Diner, Karmakamet Café and Karmakamet Lifestyle Store.

You can now buy their products in Central World, Mega Bangna, Silom (BTS Saladaeng Exit 3), Lhong 1919, Central Festival Eastville, and Siam Center and of course, not to forget the original shop at Jatujak Market.

What makes Karmakamet Diner Secret World different is – it is a café, restaurant and aromatic shop! The whole place is so beautiful, really like a secret world as it is named.

So photography worthy that we couldn’t stop taking pictures. Already couldn’t tell we were there for photos or for lunch.

Literally went over excited and then lost our appetite. LOL.

Had a cup of caffe latte prepared using Organic Roast Coffee Beans from Thailand.

And Basilica Smash that fits well to the hot weather. Very refreshing, concocted from basil leaf, French lime, orange-cardamom syrup and soda. 205baht, non-alcoholic.

Checked out their signature dessert too – Old Fashion Donut. Fluffy soft donut, glazed with camembert cheese sauce, finished with a side of vanilla ice cream. 360baht. Rather expensive but considering the environment, OK lar.

Karmakamet Diner menu also offers savouries like Cod Roe Pasta, 700g Maine Lobster Mac & Cheese Pasta, Braised Beef Tongue in Red Wine Pasta, Manila Clams Pasta, Full Breakfast, Avocado-Bacon Egg Benedict, The Diner’s Croque Madame, Lamb Burger, Soft Shell Crab Sandwich, Seafood Stew with Sausage, Braised Pork Ribs, and Traditional Orange Crème Brulee, just to name a few.

Highly recommended “secret restaurant” for couple dates, birthday celebration, anniversary, baby showers or merely friends gathering.

Karmakamet Secret World
30/1 Soi Metheenivet, Klongton,
Klongtoey, Bangkok, Thailand.
Opening Horus:
Karmakamet Aromatic 10AM-10PM daily
Karmakamet Diner (Restaurant) 10AM-11.30PM daily
Nearest public transport: Align at Phrom Phrong BTS Skytrain, follow Exit 2, walk for 5 minutes

Next, Open House Central Embassy, Bnagkok.

Aww my gawd, look at this awesome Open House designed by Tokyo-based Klein Dytham Architecture! Do you know that this team also designs headquarters for Youtube and Google Tokyo?!

It is soooooo beautiful!

Why shopping malls in Bangkok are so nice!!?? Seem like malls in Kuala Lumpur still have a long way to go. SIGH

Open House Central Embassy is actually a multi-function living space, gathering bookshop by HARDCOVER, co-thinking space, art tower, Open playground, designer shop, eating deck and restaurants all under one roof.

Whether you are book lover, artist, content creator, designer, food lovers or parents who love bringing your kids out on weekend, Open House is definitely one of the best places to be.

Natural-wooden architecture, very relaxed ambience. Some sections granted us a view of Bangkok city.

We managed to catch a superb performance by local artist too.

Lunch at Eat Thai.

Lunch at Eat Thai with expensive, average food. Our 160baht (*need add 5% VAT on top of the price) noodles was so small in portion, those “eat liao like no eat” kind of feeling. Taste was just alright. Might as well go to restaurant for better dining experience.

Honestly, not a fan of this food court and their supermarket. It is way too tourist-targeted and has lost its local authenticity.

No pictures for this place because the “No Photography” sign is pasted on the wall.

Erawan Shrine, Near Grand Hyatt Erawan Hotel
Went to Erawan Shrine (*the Four Faced Buddha or 四面佛 ) for “bai bai’.

494, Ratchadamri Road,
(Corner of Ploenchit and Ratchadamri Road)
Lumphini, Pathum Wan, Bangkok 10330, Thailand
Opening Hours: 6AM-12midnight
Admission: FREE
Nearest Public Transport: Chidlom BTS, Exit 2, walk for 3 minutes

Felt like we were melting under the scorching hot sun. Even only for 5 minutes. Decided to go back to Airbnb and had shower, but before that, da-pao famous mango sticky rice!

Must-Eat in Bangkok : Mae Varae Mango Sticky Rice
Mae Varae Mango Sticky Rice, arguably the best mango sticky rice in Bangkok.

They have this trio colours glutinous rice, served with uber sweet mango. Warmth coconut sauce and crispy beans are packed separately to ensure the freshness of each ingredient.

Try not to keep it for too long or expose to hot sun, as there’s coconut milk in it.

Mae Varae is very easy to reach. Just align at Thong Lo station, follow Exit 3, walk straight and turn left at Sukhumvit Road 55. The shop is just like 50metres away. Opening hours is long from 6AM- 10PM, so it is quite flexible for us to plan it into our itinerary,

Mae Varee Sweet Sticky Rice with Mango
1 Soi Thong Lor
Sukumvit Soi 55 Klongtunnua Wattana
Bangkok 10110, Thailand
Opening Hours : 6AM – 10PM
Nearest BTS: ThongLo (E6), Exit 3, walk for 2 minutes
Note: No dine-in. Only take-away

Back and rest

Went back to have another round of laundry since washing machine was provided. Plus we couldn’t imagine how our smelly our clothes would become by the time we reached Kuala Lumpur a day after. *yucks

Tucked into mango sticky rice bought earlier while waiting. Chewiness of glutinous rice, sweetness of mango, savouriness of coconut dressing and crunchiness of mung beans – multi-textures that paired really well when eat together. Recommended.

Talad Rot Fai Ratchada, New Train Market in Bangkok City

Freshen up and left for the second last attraction of the day – Talad Rot Fai Night Market!

If you are a fan of Bangkok night market, you probably have heard of, or visited Talad Rot Fai at Srinakarin before. It is located at Bangkok outskirt, hence reaching there might take a longer time if you came from Bangkok CBD.

But now, you can visit the new Ratchada Train Market that is opened in the heart of Bangkok City, just right behind Esplanade Shopping Mall! Smaller version but equally fun to visit, gathering lots of food, clothes, accessories stalls; along with bars and restaurants in unique designs.

Talad Rot Fai Ratchada
Behind Esplanade Shopping Mall
Nearest public transport: MRT Cultural Center Station, Exit 3

Do note that Train Market Ratchada is located behind Esplanade Mall. Meaning, you have to go into the mall, follow the crowd to another exit. We actually went on the wrong way, passed through Esplanade and walked all the way to Big C. =.= In the end took a more than half an hour for a destination that can be reached in 5 minutes. #SoStupid

Grilled Fish and Spicy Pork Bone Soup Dinner

Randomly picked one of the restaurants in night market for dinner (*Decided by judging on the crowd haha).

We saw many ordering this, looked like our soup tulang. It is called Spicy Pork Bone Soup. Sourish and spicy soup base, clear in taste. Not much meat left on the pork bone, but quite tender. Tried to avoid those small chillies, there had lots in the soup.

Grilled Fish. Thought we couldn’t finish this rather big portion of fish but we did because it was so nice! Moist flesh, accompanied by subtle saltiness. Great even without dipping sauce. Only 250baht.

Thai Papaya Salad with Salted Egg for Summerkid. Guess he have not had enough from his Ramadhan reviews for the past few weeks.

Try this U Beer! A new lager launched by the Singha group last year. More light and refreshing mouthfeel.

The Long Awaited Jeh-O Chula Mama Tom Yum Noodles!

Supper right after dinner!

Last night in Bangkok. So by hook or by crook, we tried to make it to Jeh-O Chula, a restaurant that has once taken Bangkok social media by storm with its Mama Tom Yum Noodles.

This dish is available only from 10.30PM onwards, for 2 hours. People queue for this legendary noodles, like, really.

We reached Jeh-O Chula around 9.30PM. It was full house, with people filling up the waiting seats outside. Remember to get your queue number, don’t just sit down and wait – else it will take you forever.

Waited for more than 1 hour to be seated, and another half hour for our Mama tom yum bowl. Orange-red broth immersed with instant noodles, topped with crispy deep fried pork cutlet, minced meat balls, raw eggs, squids, prawns, lime slices and liberal cilantro. 250baht, more than enough for 2 persons.

Verdict: The broth is rich and flavourful, but way too spicy that we had to stop halfway. We could still feel the tongue-burning sensation even after finished 2 bottles of soft drinks. LOL. Overall, recommended. Suggest to go in group, so that you can order more food from Jeh-O extensive menu. Will come back for the deep fried pork cutlet, and salmon sashimi – because many said that it is delicious!

Nearest BTS Station from Jeh-O is National Station. You can take a cab or use GRAB to reach. It took about 5 to 10 minutes.

Jeh-O Chula Mama Noodles
Banthat Thong Road, 113 Charat Muang Road, Pathumwan, Bangkok 10330
Nearest train: BTS National Stadium, then tak.
Tel: +66 64 118 5888
Opening hours: 5:30pm – 2am

Good night.


Good morning 3rd day. Our last few hours in Bangkok.

Reluctantly skipped our Airbnb breakfast because we wanted to try breakfast from ROAST.

TheCOMMONS, Thong Lo

We failed to grab a car. No tuk-tuk or taxi in sight either. Ended up we walked for more than half an hour under the rather unbearable hot sun to reach theCOMMONS ThongLor.

All wet, sweating, but still excited!

The Commons is located in Thong Lo 17 neighbourhood. A space aims to gather passionate producers, and to promote wholesome living within the community.

Most shops are not opened yet, except ROOTS Coffee Shop.

ROAST too, opens at 10AM. So we had our first coffee of the day at ROOTS, which is a coffee bar by the same team too. Correct us if we were wrong.

Roots Coffee Roaster
theCOMMONS (Market Floor),
Thonglor 17, Sukhumvit Rd.,
Klongtan Nue, Watthana, Bangkok 10110, Thailand.
Opening hours: 8AM – 8.30PM (7.30PM on Mon-Thurs)

Breakfast in Bangkok Highly-Rated Hipster Café : ROAST

10AM. Yeay!

Finally made it to ROAST, one of the most-talked about café in Bangkok. Yea, we know that it is not a new café, and many has already visited this place too but shameful to say, this was our first time here. Couldn’t tell you how happy we were.

ROAST in The Commons is relocated from Seenspace 13. You can also find them in EmQuartier Mall.

ROAST menu covers a lovely brunch selections, including Egg Benedict, Big Breakfast, Corned Beef Hash, Jerk Chicken Sandwich, Croque Monsieur, Corn & Zucchini Fritters, Smoked Salmon Rosti, Huevos Rancheros, Crab Cake Benedict….

…all-day-dining selections covering from appetizers Caesar Salad, Smoked Chicken Croquette, Fried Calamari, Hand Cut Fries, Sardine Bruschetta; main courses such as Lamb Ragu Gnocchi, Vongole Squid Ink, Truffle Alfredo, Butternut Squash Gnocchi, Zucchini Walnut Pesto, Baked Cod, Mussel Pot, Seafood Stew, Barbecue Pork Ribs, Slow Roasted Fried Half Chicken, Duck Confit, Pull Pork Burger and more.

For coffee, award-winning ROAST doesn’t disappoint. You can choose either their original “Journey Blend” or beans collaboration with Thai High Ventures Single Estate Thai Coffee.

ROAST Bangkok have dessert too! All look tempting but we are too full to indulge in. Keep it for next visit. If you do wanna try, S’mores Custard Cake and Chocolate Nutella Tart are their signatures.

Done with brunch. Rushed back to hotel for final packing, and left for airport. Luckily we managed to get GRAB in 5 minutes. LOL.

3rd Floor, The COMMONS,
335 Thong Lo 17 Alley, Khwaeng Khlong Tan Nuea,
Khet Watthana, Krung Thep Maha Nakhon 10110, Thailand.
Opening Hours:
Mon-Thurs 10AM-11PM
Fri-Sun 9AM-10PM

In Mall:
1st Floor, The Helix Quartier
EmQuartier Shopping Mall

After You Dessert is in Don Meuang Airport!

After You Desserts is in Don Meuang Airport! They don’t offer Shibuya Toast in airport so we ordered Thai Milk Tea Kakigori instead.

Delicate shaved ice, hidden with chiffon cake and coffee jelly within. Other Kakigori flavours you can find hee include Milo Volcano Kakigori, Hojicha Kakigori, Strawberry Cheesecake Kakigori.

Satisfied. Proceed to McDonald’s next door and bought a set of Samurai Burger before leaving.

Bye Bangkok. Till then.