Aori Ramen Pavilion KL: Big Bang Seungri Ramen Store Now in Malaysia!

Aori Ramen, a Japanese-style ramen shop opened by famous Big Bang Seungri, has finally arrived at the shores of Malaysia, in Pavilion KL.

The establishment is first opened in Cheongdam-dong, Seoul, and was brought to a success. In less than 2 years, Aori Ramen expanded to have over 30 outlets across Korea, and explores further into other Asian markets, including China, Vietnam and the latest- Malaysia.

What brings Aori Ramen to the limelight is definitely not only the name of the superstar, but their signature Don Kotz Ramen, with 1.1mm Hoso noodles cooked in signature tonkotsu broth, topped with delicious toppings!

Another noteworthy part is that, they have this single-booth ramen seating that reminds us about Ichiran ramen! Always like this idea. No more awkward moments when dining alone, slurping on awesome ramen.

Ordering is very easy, just tick according to your preference on the ordering sheets given. NOTE: 1 paper for 1 person. Let’s start..

1. Choose your ramen type: 2 toppings – RM31, 5 toppings – RM35

Beansprout and Barbecued marinated pork for 2 toppings; while barbecued marinated pork, beansprouts, soft boiled egg, dried seaweed, bamboo shoot are given for the 5 toppings. Our suggestion, just go for the 5 lar.

2. Add garlic and Japanese Bunching onion:

Garlic: Non, Basic, 1 clove
Onion: None, Sliced, Chopped

3. Choose your spiciness level: None, basic, spicy, hot.

None means you’ll get original tonkotsu pork, Spiciness level is added in the sequence of basic < spicy < hot. Go for either spicy or hot if you are quite alright with spicy food. Even hot taste quite manageable to us.

4. Add more toppings for a merrier meal! We like soft boiled egg and Barbecued pork!

Additional toppings : Marinated soft boiled egg (RM4), beansprout (RM3), BBQ pork (RM10/5 slices, RM5/ 2 slices), dried seaweed (RM2/ 3 pcs), Korean-leek kimchi (RM3), marinated bamboo shoot (RM2)

6. Add side meals if you want: TKG (*Must -try!) , rice in bowl, extra noodle

If you feel that ramen alone isn’t enough to feed your hungry belly, add on rice or noodles, at RM3 and RM5 respectively. We had TKG, aka Rice and Eggs with Soy Sauce! Recommended! Simple but comfort food  that is hard to go wrong with.

7. Some beverage to quench the thirst.

Beverage: Asahi beer, coke, green tea, Perrier sprking water, sprite, Spritzer mineral water. Personally feel that Asahi beer here is considered affordable, at RM16 per bottle.

Verdict: Pretty decent! We like their 1.1mm Hoso noodles, springy and chewy. In fact, it stills hold up to its texture, not turning soggy even after we spent some time on taking pictures.

Summerkid prefers the original version, as you get to taste the rich, flavourful pipping-hot broth, boiled using pork bones and chicken for long hours. Summergirl enjoys her “hot” ramen, as it flavours up the entire bowl of ramen with subtle spicy kick.

While the current menu for Aori Ramen is solely focuses on ramen and few other light dishes, expect more varieties in near future. Queue is long in the mean time, be it on weekday or weekend, lunch or dinner. If you are planning for a visit, be patient is the key ya!

Aori Ramen Malaysia

Lot 6.36.00 Level 6 Pavilion Mall,
168, Bukit Bintang Street,
55100 Kuala Lumpur.
Opening Hours: 10AM-10PM
Nearest public transport: Align at MRT Bukit Bintang Station. Walk to Pavilion KL shopping mall takes about 5 minutes.