Say Chiizu Mid Valley KL: Bangkok Famous Hokkaido Cheese Toast

Say Chiizu Hokkaido Cheese Toast from Bangkok is now opened in Mid Valley, Kuala Lumpur! First outlet in Malaysia. Get your Instagrammable, stretchy cheesy toast pictures now!

Originated from Bangkok, Thailand, Say Chiizu has gained a lot of attention for their Hokkaido Cheese Toast. The brand started out as a humble stall in in a flea market, selling SayChiizu Fries. They launched their Hokkaido Cheese Toast a year later, and in 2017, Chiizu Cheese drinks.

By now, Say Chiizu has successfully expanded beyond just in Thailand. Other than having outlets in Siam Square, Central Plaza Rayong, The Mall Bangkapi, Central Future Park Rungsit, they also have international branches internationally in Singapore, Laos, Brunei, Dubai, Korean, Cambodia and latest in Malaysia.

Hokkaido Cheese Toast, signature product that Say Chiizu Prides at.
High quality fresh cheese sandwiched within homemade Hokkaido Milk Toast, lightly toasted till crisp at the outside, fluffy at the inside. Enjoy while it is hot, so that you can have all the cheesy-stretchy-gooey fun when biting into the delicious, buttery toast.

Say Chiizu Malaysia menu has 4 types of cheese toast currently – Original Cheese Toast RM9.90, Charcoal Cheese Toast RM9.90, Milo Cheese Toast RM9.90 and UnicornFruit Cheese Toast RM12.90. Not a huge-size toast, but quite filling thanks to the generous cheese filled within.

To meet the beverage demand, Say Chiizu also comes up with specially crafted Hokkaido Cheese milk 2 years ago. A great move we would say, as they choose to put in extra effort in exploring drinks that fits their “cheese concept” well, instead of just serving bottled juices or canned drink.

We had Chiizu Teh Tarik and it is so nice! Rich, milky cheese foam at the first sip, followed by aromatic, refreshing teh tarik as we take a further gulp. Rememer to drink at 45-degree angle for the best taste! Highly recommended. You can also have Chiizeu Peach Tea or Chiizu Chocolate drink. Price is RM8.90 each.

Say Chiizu Mid Valley is located near to centre court, opposite Beard Papa, next to SeaZone.

Say Chiizu Malaysia

Hokkaido Cheese Toast
LG-039, LG Floor,
Mid Valley Megamall,
50800 Mid Valley City,
Kuala Lumpur.
Nearest public transport: KTM Mid Valley Station
Opening hours: 10AM-10PM