Super Boring Club, Jalan Mesui: Modern Japanese Izakaya+Korean BBQ

Walking down the street of Jalan Mesui which is just less than 10 minutes from the bustling Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur, you will discover a row of noteworthy eateries that take prides in various cuisines, from South East Asian menu by Isabel Restaurant & Bar to Japanese-inspired dishes by Lucky Tora, brunch selections by the famous Feeka Cafe, Western delights at Table23, baking goodness by Hogan Bakery, and more.

The Boring Club, one of the latest additions to this street, makes itself stands out quickly in the competitive modern F&B industry with a unique approach on Japanese-Korean delicacies, blending in creativity, bold flavours and influences from other cuisines to create a unique dining experience for all food lovers.

Each table is installed with a charcoal grill system, which gives the first impression that BBQ takes the limelight here. It does, as the “char siew sauce marinated lamb chop”, “Japanese Oyster wrapped in Chicken Ham” already enough to say something exciting. But beyond that, get a taste of surprise with options such as Spicy Baby Octopus, Beef Tataki, Power Spicy Wings, Tori Garlic, Super Salad Prawn, etc. from the-never-boring menu of The Boring Club.

Take this Thai crackers with Unagi for instance, it has a crunchy Thai rice cracker base, topped with homemade spicy sauce and moist, tender unagi. Contrasting textures in one bite, with spicy kicks comes through in between. Ooh-so-delicious.

Salmon Tataki too, is equally worthwhile. A vibrant combination of lightly pan-seared tuna, carefully layered with thinly sliced, crispy golden brown lotus root, micro green and mentaiko sauce. Finished with soy sauce. Great for sharing, but we don’t mind having this alone!

Both are actually off menu dishes, specially crafted using fresh ingredients they source from overseas and local. These seasonal items will change from time to time, which also made The Boring Club worth the re-visit with anticipation.

Next, a bowlful of Seafood Kimchi Soup RM22.80 generously loaded with prawns, squid, clams and tofu. Very comforting. You might feel that it is less spicy and sour, as the flavour is balanced up with vegetable sweetness – a special soup base that differ The Boring Club’s version from the classic Korean kimchi soup.

Gyoza Mania RM22.80. Pan fried prawn gyoza, with a sheet of crispy cheese finish at the bottom. Good on its own, better with a dip into the rich, aromatic curry mayo sauce. Personally thought that the dipping sauce would be perfect on seafood too!

Another highlight of our lunch at The Boring Club – the Super Combo BBQ Platter RM128!

Look at the glorious assortment of Lamb marinated with Char Siew Sauce, Japanese Oyster rolled in Chicken Ham, Argentina Whole Squid, Australian Wagyu 7/8+, Australian Milk Beef Striploin, Smoked Duck, Mushrooms and Prawns.

Definitely one of the very few BBQ places that Summergirl fond of, as their platter has a good proportion of seafood and meat, with portion that is just nice for two. You get a bit of everything, rather than just a combo of different parts of a particular type of meat – which could make your BBQ session rather boring eating just the same meat. Lol.

But of course, if you love certain items and would like to have extra or order separately, you can always order from the ala-carte, be it Australian Milk Beef Chuck Roll, Beef Tongue, Enoki Mushrom, Spicy Chicken, Abalone, Spicy Baby Octopus, and Australian Wagyu Flank Steak, just to name a few.

If you can’t decide, we highly recommended you to go to the combo. 4 combo to choose from:
Combo 1 – Aus Beef, Spicy Octopus, Chicken, Prawns RM68;
Combo 2: Lamb Char Siew, Chicken, Squid, Aus Angus Beef RM78;
Combo 3 – Lamb Char Siew, Smoke Duck, Spicy Baby Octopus, Chicken, Wagyu 7/8+ RM98; and
Super Combo – which as mentioned above.

(Left) Sake Asamboi RM26; (Right) Sake Yuzu RM26

Get the Koran BBQ plus Japanese Izakaya style dining elevated with The Boring Club special handcrafted cocktail such as Sake Lychee, Sake Asamboi, Sake Calpis, Sake Yuzu, Sake Lemonade, Ume-shu Soda, Suntory Lover, Root-Beer Shochu, Suntory Black Swan. Price from RM26 onwards.

End our meal sweet with their newly launched dessert – Holy Crepe RM24. Freshly made crepe, folded with dragon fruits, cream, ice cream. Looks huge but is quite a light treat, not too sweet. We managed to polish clean the whole plate easily even after all the savouries, so we guess you too won’t have problem finishing this!

Super Boring Club

15, Jalan Mesui, Bukit Bintang, 50200 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Opening HoursL
Sunday 12–10PM
Monday Closed
Tuesday 12–2:30PM, 6–11PM
Wednesday 12–2:30PM, 6–11PM
Thursday 12–2:30PM, 6–11PM
Friday 12–2:30PM, 6–11PM
Saturday 12–11PM