Sharing Plates Melaka: New Cafe by The Daily Fix Jonker Street

Visited Sharing Plates, a new venture by one of the most popular cafes in Melaka – The Daily Fix Cafe, who also manages Sin See Tai Kampung Jawa.

Located along Jalan Bendahara, a quieter side of Malacca town yet within walking distance to Jonker Street, Sharing Plates Cafe welcomes diners with a row of charming pastel green framed-large window, take away coffee kiosk-like installation – both very Instagrammable coffee shop facades that we can’t help but stop by to take a picture with.

We were seated near to the entrance, an area that exudes contemporary design with ethnic touches. Minimalism, welcoming atmosphere in white theme.

Explore further to the other side of the indoor dining, we were led to a spacious, brighter space with high ceilings, coupled with rustic walls, vintage ceramic tiles, marble tables and lush green elements.

Afraid that Sharing Plates would be as crowded as The Daily Fix , we left KL at 7AM and be right in front of the cafe by 8.50AM. Lol. That kiasu obviously. Luckily the crowd is still manageable during breakfast & brunch for now. Not too sure about teatime & dinner.

Spent some time going through Sharing Plates Cafe ‘s menu. A promising selection of brunch items incorporated with lots of creativity, as well as rice bowl, salad, pasta and other main courses. Some dishes do show similarity with The Daily Fix menu at some point, but not much. You can find their evergreen Pandan Pancake here too!

We ordered French Toast with Teh Tarik Sauce, Guacamole on Toast, Berry Blast Smoothies and must-have coffee.

Look at our thoughtfully plated brunch. So colourful!

Guacamole Toast RM19.50

Sourdough stacked with guacamole, poached eggs, drizzled with home made aoili dressing, goli berries and toasted almond flakes. Meat free dish, the right food for Summergirl but a bit too “healthy” for meat lover Summerkid.

French Toast with Teh Tarik Sauce RM18

French Toast with Teh Tarik Sauce – Like a dessert like a brunch. Lol. Lightly crisp outside, fluffy soft inside egg-coated French toast, topped with strawberry, teh tarik crumble and a scoop of ice cream. Glaze it with Sharing Plates home made teh tarik sauce!

Brunch menu is served from 9AM-5PM. Smoked Duck Barley Quinoa Risotto, Smoked Salmon Poached Eggs with Rosti, Duck Minced Pasta and Breaky Burger look good too. Modern Asian style rice bowl including Karaage Chicken Rice, Minced Chicken Rice, Teriyaki Smoked Duck Rice, Spinach Fried Rice could easily become crowd-favourite too.

Berry Blast RM13

A concoction of apple juice plus blueberry, raspberry and strawberry. Other interesting options such as Ong Lai – Pineapple & passion fruit; Nutella Banana – Fresh Banana with oat, walnut, cinnamon & honey; Banana Caramel – Fresh banana & caramel sauce; Avocado Gula Melaka – Fresh milk with avocado & gula melaka, etc. are available too.

Hot latte RM10

While we still prefer the classic white, you can also go for flavoured coffee like Sharing Plates Signature Coconut Milk Latte, Signature Salted Gula Melaka Coffee, Rose Latte, Vanilla Latte, Caramel Latte and Hazelnut Latte.

The Sharing Plates Cafe opens past eleven,  a dinner menu that covers from Spicy Tomato Pasta, Carbonara Pasta, Chicken Char Siew Aglio & Olio, Mushroom Pesto Pasta, Sambal Prawn Pasta to Fish & Chips, Grilled Lemongrass Chicken Burger, Garlic Prawn Risotto, and Sriracha Chicken Patty Burger, just to name a few.

The kitchen is working on new sharing dishes too, which lives up to the name of this eatery. So stay tune, and come by during daytime or evening!

Sharing Plates Cafe

143, Jalan Bendahara, 75100 Melaka, Malaysia.
Opening hours; 9AM-11.30PM

Where is/How to reach Sharing Plates: Look out for a pastel green framed window corner shop at the intersection of Lorong Bendahara & Jalan Bendahara, directly opposite to Ramada Plaza Hotel Melaka.