Yakitori Dining Fukuda by Torifuku, Desa Sri Hartamas KL

Had a really good Japanese Yakitori dinner at Yakitori Dining Fukuda by Torifuku at Desa Sri Hartamas last week!

Though it was tiring to beat the after work traffic and find a parking in Desa Sri Hartamas area, our dinner at Yakitori Dining Fukuda made everything worth it.

As the name implies, Yakitori Dining Fukuda by Torifuku is popular their Yakitori, or grilled chicken skewers.

Here, you get to indulge into grilled chicken of different parts, from Sasami Wasabi (fillet), Sasami Ume (fillet) to Hatsu (heart), Reba (liver), Negima (Chicken thigh & leek), Teba (wings) , Bonziri (chicken tail0, Gunagimo (gizzard), Kawa (skin), Obi (chicken oyster) and Sot l’y Laisse (chicken Oyster). Price from RM5.80.

Personally, we enjoyed the chicken skin the most, which we believe many would love too, thanks to its after-grilled-crispiness. Not to mention, the tender, juicy chicken oyster and legima are equally lovely.

Check out this thoughtfully prepared Yakitori Guide and pick your favourite!

Other than Chicken Yakitori, Yakitori Dining Fukuda menu also offers a variety of seafood, Iberico Pork, Veggie and other skewers such as Japanese Shishito Green Chilli, Sweet Potato, Smoked Scamorza Cheese, Grilled Salmon, Grilled Butter Scallop and Japanese Yellow Tail, just to name a few.

This Smoked Scamorza Cheese was awesome! Rich, dense and creamy, worth to be savored bit by bit to experience the melt-in-mouth sensation. Call it a hidden signature in Yakitori Dining Fukuda, not too wrong though. Highly recommended.

More from the charcoal grill open kitchen! We sampled Char-grilled Lamb Chop (RM39.80). Succulent, minimal gaminess, with lightly charred edges for that oh-so-good smoky flavours. There is also Chargrilled Unagi, Chargrilled Salmon Belly, Chargrilled Thick Beef Tongue, Chargrilled Iberico Pork Steak, Chargrilled Eringi Mushroom with Foie Gras to choose from.

While Japanese skewers takes the limelight in Yakitori Dining Fukuda, other delicacies are not shadowed. For instance, we had a pretty good Spicy Miso Tori Tonkotsu Soup Ramen (RM28.80). Thin, springy ramen immersed in tummy-warming, cloudy white tonkotsu broth flavoured up with spicy miso. Topped with ajitama, pork belly slices, bamboo shots and scallions.

We also shared an order of Fukuda Chicken & Egg Don, or Oyakadon (RM29.80)-  one of our all-time-favorites Japanese comfort food. Pipping hot rice, layered with onion, egg and chicken cooked in dashi-base sauce.

For more substantial options, check out Black Tori Tonkotsu Soup Ramen, Yuzu Chicken Clear Soup Ramen, Bara Chirashi Don, Salmon & Ikura Don, Minced Chicken with Onsen Egg Don, Tsukemen Ramen with Chicken Dipping Sauce, Tori Tonkotsu Natto Ramen, etc..

Sashimi Platter RM48.80, putting together 4 assorted sashimi – salmon, yellowtail, hotate and prawn.

Chargrilled Oyster Wrapped Bacon (RM18.80)

Dessert is limited to Mochi Ice Cream (RM7.80)

Matcha Ice Cream(RM7.80) and Yuzu Sherbet (RM7.80), but still the right treat to end the meal sweet.

Yakitori Dining Fukuda by Torifuku

No 39-G, JALAN 23/70A,
Desa Sri Hartamas,
Kuala Lumpur
Opening hours: 5PM-1AM
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/yakitorifukuda/