Happ Cafe Tropicana Avenue PJ: The Flower Cafe, New Menu

Happ Café at Tropicana Avenue PJ has recently launched their new menu. Now we have more reasons to visit this coffee place other than just Camomile Cake with adorable bee sugar decoration!

If you still remember this pretty cake adorned with a cute honey bee sugar decoration, and the last time you enjoyed it was more than a year back, then it is time to revisit Happ Café, indulge into their delectable dessert along with sweet and savories from their newly revamped menu.

Opening in December 2016, The Happ Café takes pride in not only unique sweet treats, but also coffee, hot food and a white polished interior filled with floral charm, lending a peaceful, cozy atmosphere great for casual dining, friends gathering and small events.

Patterned floor tiles, intermingled pieces of wooden beams that outline the shape of a house, bouquet of dried flowers, colourful artificial flowers, garden table – This beautiful, flowery corner in Happ Cafe serves as florist shop with wrapping & delivery service available; also, double up as a photography-worthy spot.

Completing the café is an artsy crafty area lined up with stationeries like postcards, stickers, etc.. Staircases leading up to the upper floor of Happ Café, ideal for diners who prefer more dining privacy.

Rainbow Salad – Yuzu Vinaigrette & Beet Root Jam topped with Crouton RM14

Happ Café new menu covers a promising selection of modern Asian and Western delights, fused with chef’s very own creativity such as Gochujang Grilled Chicken with Pandan Rice & Mango Salad, Kecombrong Chicken with Lavender Mashed Potato & Orange Sauce, Deep Fried Crusted Dory Burger with Kimchi, Gochujang Sauce & Cheese Fries, and Garden Salad with Yuzu Vinaigrette & Beet Root Jam topped with Crouton just to name a few.

Our favourite goes to this Cau Chao Noodle RM18, a bowl of rice noodle heaped with myriad of textures from sliced onion, toasted peanuts, purple cabbage, bean sprouts, carrots, mint leaves and grilled prawn. Remind us about Vietnamese Salad Noodles but this is more flavourful, spicy plus hints of lime sourness.

Beautifully assembled Farm in the Ocean RM18, taste as good too! Done-right-scrambled-egg, light & flaky croissant and smoked salmon, served over a bed of salad greens. Recommended.

Despite using chicken breast, Krusty Chic’ RM24 doesn’t appear dry nor tough. Juicy and tender meat, covered in crusty, golden brown exterior. Comes with a side of rich, creamy cheese sauce,  salad and potato wedges.

Camomile Honey Cake RM16, must-have when in Happ Cafe. Other dessert like Nutella Crepe, Lemon Poppyseed Cake, Salted Caramel Cheese Cake, Avocado Cheese Cake, Chocolate Burnt Cheese Cake, Walnut Mont Blanc are worth trying too.

..And.. we will come back for this freshly made waffle! Love the crispy outside, fluffy and dense inside texture. Tied together nicely with banana, a scoop of ice cream on top and chocolate drizzles finish.

Hot Mocha RM12, Chocolate Oreo Frappe RM15

For beverage, Happ Cafe offers from coffee to tea, chocolate, fresh juices, smoothies, ice blended, lemon tea, soy milk, matcha latte, and soda. Tried Chocolate Oreo Frappe recommended by staff,  a cold drink that fits right for a scorching hot weather.

Happ Cafe

P-G-09, Tropicana Avenue,
Persiaran Tropicana, Tropicana,
47410 Petaling Jaya, Selangor
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/thehappcafe/