Luckin Kopi, Jalan Panggong KL (Behind Kwai Chai Hong)

Located just 3 minutes walk from Pasar Seni MRT station, Luckin Kopi Cafe – the newest modern kopitiam behind Kwai Chai Hong (near Petaling Street KL) introduces a menu specializes in local street food that we are familiar with, plus unique delicacies fused with chef’s very own creativity.

Thoughtfully designed interior that strikes a balance between modern and heritage charm, putting together solid wooden furniture, rattan stools, table top with vintage tiles, wooden windows, green plants, etc., at the same time preserving the century-old exposed brick walls which is now apparently, a favourite stylish stripped-down look for many cafes in this city.

Luckin Kopi’s menu centres around Asian-inspired traditional delicacies, from Kaya Toast & Soft Boiled Egg to Nasi Lemak, Mee Siam, Indo Mee, Hainanese Chicken Chop, ABC, Cendol Rojak and more.

Home-cooked delights like Salted Chicken Rice, Oyster Sauce Chicken Rice, Hot & Sour Soup, Herbal Chicken Soup make a noteworthy appearance on the menu too, ideal for diners who are looking for fuss-free comfort food. For Western-style and fusion options, check out Smoked Duck Carbonara, Aglio Olio Pasta, Sawadee Pasta, Salted Egg Pasta and Petai Pasta.

Nasi Lemak + Sambal Sotong RM12.90

Enjoy your nasi lemak the simple old-school way with fluffy, “lemak” rice sided by must-have anchovies, toasted peanuts, fried egg, sliced cucumber and spicy-sweet sambal, or make it more substantial by topping off with your choice of Rendang Chicken, Buttermilk Chicken, Sambal Prawn, Curry Chicken, Ayam Berempah, Sambal Sotong, Sambal Petai, Buttermilk Prawn and Chicken Karaage. RM12.90 for a basic local cuisine + 1 side dish. Add RM4 for each subsequent side dish.

Luckin Toast RM12.90

Toasted Hainan breads with 4 types of spread, namely kaya, butter, peanut butter, Nutella. Complete with half boiled egg. A bit of everything, just the way we like.

Hainanese Chicken Chop RM16.90, another signature in Luckin Kopi. Tender, juicy thick cut of chicken, breaded and deep fried to crispy, golden brown on the outside. Dressed in a bed of tomato-ish sweet gravy, sided with wedges. Buttermilk Sauce Chicken Chop and Salted Egg Chicken Chop from the same section seem promising too!

Cheesy Indo Mee & Egg RM14.90. Now this is something different, where younger generation will probably fond of. Heap of cheese, waiting to be heated up, melt down into gooey, cheesy goodness before twirling with Indomee.

Stretchy cheese thickly folded into strands of noodles, oh-so sinfully delicious. We decided to leave calories-worry behind for a moment.

Tried this Geng Chow Chicken Bun RM12.90 recommended by the friendly staff. Summergirl loves it! Chunks of succulent chicken deeply flavoured up with chef’s specialty sauce, julienne cucumber, carrots and parsley, all wrapped into soft, fluffy steamed bun.

Rojak RM8.90, our local salad. Cubes of  fruits and vegetables tossed in sticky sweet sauce, myriad of textures and crunchiness. Wanted to have cendol too but we were too full to indulge in.

We personally feel that Luckin’ Kopi is a nice place to start the day with for travelers who visit Kuala Lumpur, as the shop opens as early as 7AM, and can be easily reached by public transport. Enjoy breakfast the local way, visit the now relaunched Lorong Panggung behind the cafe, followed by a stroll in Petaling Street and surroundings.

Luckin Kopi

(*behind Kwai Chai Hong 鬼仔巷)
14, Jalan Panggong,
50000 Wilayah Persekutuan, Kuala Lumpur.
Opening hours: 7AM – 9PM