Fine Coffee and Flowers, Little Korea Ampang

Fine Coffee and Flowers at Ampang Utama, glad to come across this new cafe cum florist in the neighbourhood of Little Korea Ampang KL. We’ve not been to Little Korea for quite some time, not even for Korean food dinner but this cozy place brought us here!

Minimalist theme, Insta-worthy corners, interior of Fine Coffee and Flowers fits right for the cafe hopping trend in KL, without compromising on food quality.

Walked in on a fine Saturday morning, had a good two hours without crowd. Enjoy our breakfast, sip on our coffee in the cozy, serene ambience. Something that we like for now, instead of having to queue to get into a restaurant.

Fine Coffee and Flowers menu is small, but rest assured, worthwhile especially for the dessert section. Their Black Sesame Pudding is highly recommended – soft, silky smooth soy milk pudding, topped generously with home made black sesame powder and a side of black sesame sauce. Something refreshing with a little WOW, must order. We usually share our dessert but for this, we don’t mind having one each. Haha.

For savoury dishes, Fine Coffee and Flowers offers main course like Big Breakfast, Grilled Chicken Sandwich, Shrimp Salad, Grilled CHeese Tomato Soup, Classic Avocado Toast, Shrimp Toast, Creamy Mushroom Sandwich, Smoked Salmon Toast and French Toast. What we loves about this cafe is their effort in adding something different to some of the classic brunch dish we are so familiar with and available at almost every other cafes. For instance, we’ve got grilled corn and french beans & mushroom with a dash of white sauce, plus two cute, mini freshly baked brioche alongside with scrambled egg, chicken sausage for the Big Breakfast platter we ordered.

Coffee, mocha, matcha latte, hojicha latte, chocolate, orange juice, kombucha, earl grey tea, English breakfast tea, strawberry latte are drinks available in in Fine Coffee and Flowers. You can also try their baked cheesecake, houjicha roll, soft cheesecake, madeleine, cranberry chocolate scone and pastry to accompany your meal.

Overall, food is nice, coffee is good, and needless to say, service is friendly and attentive. They offered us extra chairs to put our bags and stuff, seeing that we were so clumsy taking photos while carrying our bags, as the table we secured only have two small chairs. Hahaha. So pai seh. #ThankYou for being so thoughtful, and we really like the tau fu fah with sesame!

Fine Coffee and Flowers

C2-1, Jalan Ampang Utama 1/1 68000 Ampang,
Selangor, Malaysia.
Contact: 03-2300 0793