CC The Baker: Best-Selling Pandan Musang King Durian Cake

CC The Baker – one of the best Pandan Musang King Durian Cake in Kuala Lumpur.

Whether it is for birthday celebration, corporate events, anniversary, special occasions like Mother’s Day & Father’s Day, or merely to fix dessert craving, there’s always reason to order a cake. However, with so many talented bakers running a online business nowadays, options become aplenty when come to getting the cake that you want. Same as us.  We have had cakes that wasn’t up to our liking before; and some of those less known, surprisingly, serve superb cakes that put us in WOW. CC The Baker is one of the online bakery that offers amazing cake.

We get to know about CC The Baker during MCO, and has become a fan of their made-with-love cake since then. Still our top favourite after few years. Their Signature Pandan Musang King Durian Cake is seriously real good stuff, layering fluffy soft pandan chiffon with generous amount of rich, real Musang King durian filling, along with chantilly cream in between.

Enjoy the airy light texture from the cake that coupled with thick, creamy yet not cloying filling. Just Summergirl alone she can finish half of the cake in one go. Literally fighting for the rest because we will need to share with the family still. Haha. All cakes are freshly made. No coloring, no preservation, 100% homemade.

Look at the premium durian flesh. Truly delicious.

We also tried another crowd-favourite, Onde Onde Cake, which is inspired from our famous local kuih – Onde-onde. An ideal choice for those who love gula melaka and grated coconut. It has pandan chiffon cake as base, with gula melaka soaked freshly grated coconut for more bites/texture and coconut chantilly cream filling. Finished with more (*or generous) fresh grated coconut.

Love the aromatic filling that highlights the unique smoky, caramelized flavour of gula melaka – at the right balance. Not too sweet.

Currently these two items are the best seller for CC The Baker. Not to forget, Tiramisu in Box. They do launch special edition desserts and cookies during festive season, sometimes. We tried their CNY cookies before, which tastes equally lovely. Like that year’s version which is packed in cute, round box with hand-written Chinese calligraphy word.  Fits right as gifting. Hopefully they will have this CNY biscuits next year too.

Indulge with a cup of coffee or tea, a teatime session would be complete and satisfying. Highly recommend this home baker’s dessert. To order, you can check out their Instagram @cc.thebaker, or preferably, whatsapp +60134199419 for faster response.