Nadeje @ Dataran Pahlawan, Malacca

If you want to try the best mille crepe, then you must come here, Nadeje! They served variety of mille crepe that you can’t miss..

I like the glass door outside, it looked so class..

Here was our mille crepes!!

Rum Raisin Mille Crepe. (RM8.50)

Can you see the layers? Even my dad don’t really like cakes said it very delicious.

Monotone Cake. (RM8.50)
The chocolate was so pack and the layer of chocolate on top shinning under the sun light.

Oh gosh! I loved it so much!

Berry berry Strawberry Mille Crepe. (RM8.50)

Th berry on top was so thick. Yummmy.. When mixed with the layers of cheese below, a perfect match!

Apple Iced Tea. (RM5.30)
Oww…So sweet with one love..

A Stamp Coupon was given at the end of the bill.

FREE 1 slice Cake after collected 10 stamps..Wow! Great!


Lot No UB051, 052 & 053,
Dataran Pahlawan Melaka Megamall,
Jalan Merdaka,
75000 Bandar Hilir Melaka.