Italiannies @ The Gardens, Mid Valley

I was on an outing with friends and we had our lunch at Din Tai Fung. However the portion seemed too small and they started to feel hungry by 6pm.

We were very hungry, but we continued wandering around for another 2 hours for no reason.  Until we felt that our stomach started “lao gei-ing” , we planned to go Chili’s for dinner but too bad it was full house and we needed to wait for half an hour. So we went to San Francisco Steakhouse and we found that the place had closed down and changed to The Libray. It was a pub. My girl looked at them and they shook their head. So we went back into The Gardens and stopped in front of  Friday’s, still we never went in. Starving and tiring, we settled down at the place we first saw as soon as we went down the escalator—–Italiannies.

We order some 2 course meals and waited.It didn’t take long for our food to come, which was good.

Pizza Caprese
A thin crust pizza topped with buffalo mozerella cheese, tomatoes, red onion and cheese.

It was a very simple pizza. Thin crust, crispy at the edge, soft and chewy in the middle, cheesy at the top, I can feel full by having just the appetizer.  My girl just loved the crust.

Toasted Brushetta
Homemade Tuscan bread topped with marinated tomato, pesto sauce and parmesan cheese.
The butter spread bread was baked to perfection and very appetizing.

Roasted Chicken with Balsamin Glaze.
Oven baked herb roasted chicken  glazed with balsamic. Served with fried rosemary wedges and garlic butter broccoli.

The main dish was very big in portion. Luckily I shared that with my girl. I think half chicken was served to me. So big and by looking at it I already full. I loved the broccoli. Never thought that it can be done in that way, gonna tried that on my own one day at home. The chicken was very aromatic outside but very very dry inside.

Wedges were quite hard and tough.

Grilled Chicken Milanese
Grilled chicken breast served over cream spinach, then topped with chilled tomato caper relish.

It was nice but it was over loaded with diced tomato. My friend had a hard time finishing them off those tomato because he had had a lot in his toasted Brushetta appetizer . He said this was the first time he had so many tomato in one meal. His dinner that night was just tomato, tomato and still tomato..
pity him.

Later at night, we went to I-city in Shah Alam. Many of them had been there but not me. Everyone said it was a nice place and the main attraction is the light fixture. Curious, so we went.

The entrance fee was RM10. And our first expression was :” WHAT?!” ( * feel free to continue the words after what) . I couldn’t get the point of paying RM10 just to see some light decoration stuff, so it was no point.

I can easily see this everywhere, every year, when Christmas approaching, even when it was not christmas what is so special of it? DUNO…

I can also easily see this everywhere, every year, when Christmas approaching, even when it was not christmas what is so special of it? DUNO X2…

Christmas tree again….all of us started *@#$&^%$#…

I was truly dissapointed with the place. How can they all said it was fun and special. Yea the place was indeed nice with all the light fixture but it wasn’t special at all. I drove for about an hour there but I can see those same “deers”  back to Cyberjaya 24 hours Old Town White Coffee parking area.