Shihlin Taiwan Bento Box @ 1 Utama Shopping Centre

Taiwan Shihlin night market was famous with its variety local delicacies in its small streets and alleys. The place was crowded with Taiwanese people hunting for delicious snacks. Well… Shihlin Taiwan was now introduced to Malaysia and a lot of branch had been opened up. We do can enjoy the delicious snacks with the Taiwanese people now in Taiwan Shihlin Street Snacks.
There were two outlets of Shihlin Taiwan in One Utama. Shihlin Taiwan Snack Street was located at the old wing second floor while this Shihlin Taiwan Bento Box was at the new wing lower ground floor. It was just opposite to Cold Storage and beside Molten Lava. So far, I only noticed this Shihlin Taiwan Bento Box in One Utama but not in other places. So, we shall gave it a try!
So, here was the shop! 5 kinds of bento box was introduced such as Crispy Chicken Bento Box, Crispy Fish Bento Box, Sweet & Spicy Bento Box, Seafood Tempura Bento Box and lastly Happy Veg Bento Box. There were all at the price of RM10.80! One empty cup willl be given for you to have free refill of ice red tea.
Tadaa….Here was our Crispy Chicken Bento Box. The set was consists of a bowl of white rice with some black pepper sauce and taufu on it, crispy chicken, few slices of brinjal and a spoon fed with half of the egg. And according to the shop, they said adding one egg can add protein and other nutrients to our diet. Kinda sweat with it.

The rice was not that nice with the funny smell of black pepper sauce.
Yummm….I love this crispy chicken very much but too bad the portion was a little bit small. I still craving for it after that.

Homemade Oyster Mee Sua. (RM6.00)
We also ordered our favourite mee sua! The gravy was very very nice, I just love it. But the oyster was a bit smelly and so I just had to take it aside.

Shihlin Taiwan Bento Box
Lot LG 312A,
One Utama Shopping Centre ( New Wing).