Yishensu- A Vegetarian Connoisseur @ 1 Utama Shopping Centre

I’m not really into vegetarian food all this while but sometimes my mum do buy some for me from normal shop. I had not tasted any nice vegetarian food before until my girl introduced me this, Yishensu. She said food bloggers posted good comments on this shop and kinda famous too. So, let us have a try on it and see whether it will impressed me or not.
Yishensu was located beside Canton-i and oppsite to TGI Friday. You will notice this shop when you took the escalator down.
I think they had change their menu because it looked nicer and different from what I saw from other food blogs.
Claypot Vege Chicken Rice. (RM15.00)
At first, I thought choosing the chef recommended dish should be tasted better but unfortunately it was very common. The rice was too dry and I would prefer it with more sauce. This claypot chicken rice was not worth with the price paid.
Sweet and Sour Vege Meat Rice. (RM9.80)
Surprisingly, this sweet and sour meat rice tasted much better than the claypot chicken rice. The sauce was so nice and the taste was similar with what we had in normal restaurant. When you bite the vege chicken, it was so crispy as if you are eating the real meat. If you let someone trying this without telling him it was actually vegetarian food, i’m sure he will be very surprised after that. =D
Must try this! And you won’t regret.. Trust me!
Vege ‘Char Siew’ Bun. (RM4.00)
This vege ‘Char Siew’ bun only served to us after we finished our meal but not served as the first one. That was really funny. The vege meat inside the bun do tasted like the real one. Not bad.
Yishensu – A Vegetarian Connoisseur
Lot G207,
1 Utama Shopping Mall (Old Wing),
Petaling Jaya.,