McSHAKER Fries @ McDonald

Right after our lecture class, me and my girl head to McDonald at Seri Kembangan to have our dinner. McDonald is introducing the new McShaker fries at the moment. You will be given one MacShaker for any Large McValue Meal or Large French Fries purchased. Too bad I missed out their cheese MacShaker when they selling it previously. So, THIS TIME! Me not gonna MISSED it again!
Picture always look nice to us. Well… I already get used to the sentence “image is for illustration purpose only” Let me try it out whether it really look that nice or not.
Tadaa… I was given one paper bag.
And one small packet of BBQ McShaker.
So, what are we gonna do with these two things? Fun part is here! You just have to follow the 3 simple steps below before you can enjoy your McShaker fries.
Step 1:
Pour your french fries into the empty paper bag given.
Then, tear the McShaker at the top right corner and pour the content into the paper bag.
Step 2:
Hold the top of your paper bag tightly and SHAKE SHAKE SHAKE!
Step 3:
Open up the paper bag and enjoy!
This was our result. Haha.. After tasting it, I can’t found any special things about it. It was just like putting some seasoning into the fries. >