QR Noodle House @ Bandar Puteri Puchong

” Hello, hmm sorry, the chili paste has finished. Can you help me to refill it? “
” Oh..? sorry..wait a while yea. “
” Hello, hmm sorry, there’s no chopstick on this table. “
” Oh..? sorry..wait a while yea. “

This is what happen to us when we went to QR Noodle House ( 上海面)at Bandar Puteri Puchong yesterday night.
We had not been there for quite some time and we found some new eatery shop over there. This shop caught our attention as we saw some flower baskets placed outside the shop. Hmm…newly opened? We guessed. And we tried it out.

At first we thought of ordering Shanghai noodles but the choices for it is so little. Though with the shop name as shanghai noodles ( * in chinese), they only got mini shanghai noodles, clear soup shanghai noodles,seafood noodles and tomyam shanghai noodles.

Feeling a bit dissapointed with the choices, we order Cantonese style “Ying Yong” and Mixed fruits fried rice.

Though the number of waiters there were more than enough, the operation in the shop looked clumsy.
When the food was served to us, there was no chopsticks, we wave to on of the waiters for some time then only they realized.  When I opened the chili paste container I can see the bottom of the container with only some chilli oil left inside. haihs…

Cantonese Style “Ying Yong”. (RM6.90)
Served with vegetable, fish ball, fish cake slice, prawn & chicken.

The portion was quite small. Even my girl who is a small eater didn’t feel full after finished the whole plate. About the mee, the gravy was a bit plain, the kuey teow was ok but the vermicelli is very hard like eating vermicelli crackers. =.=

The chef didn’t even mix dark soy sauce evenly with the mee. I could see a patch of darker vermicelli here and lighter patch of vermicelli there…=.=..

Mixed Fruits Fried Rice. (RM7.90)
Served with vegetable, fish ball, fish cake slice, egg, prawn & mixed fruits.

Tomato, orange, apple and banana was topped at the fried rice.They served like a decoration to the fried rice rather than a combination to the rice.

The fried rice was full with “wok hei” but it was tasteless. I couldn’t taste a single salty flavour and I had to eat my rice by kept adding soy sauce. But those small shrimp found among the bed of rice was cute.

This place was truly dissappointed and I think I wouldn’t step in again.

QR Noodle House

No.30, Jln Puteri 2/6,
Bandar Puteri,
47100 Puchong,