Shimino, IKEA food court, SS2 Murni @ Damansara

I had: Chocolate cake wrapped in crepe, soft drink that tasted like diluted sugar, minced chicken burger and hot dog wrapped in rot canai tonight.
I wouldn’t said that they are not nice but that was the feeling of my stomach after having all of them : W-E-I-R-D.

Saturday day sunny day..=)
My girl didn’t want to go out.But she had to go out.She wanted to buy a book for her friend whose birthday is next Tuesday but I had been fetching her to many places but we still failed to find the present in all the outlets.

The Curve is our last chance. She scanned through those shelves attentively and guessed what, she found it.She smiled from ear to ear and I felt so relieve. The 45 minutes driving was not wasted at least. She “hugged” the present happily after paying and didn’t want to let me to help her carry the thing. 巴闭-nya. =P.

We went down the escalator and saw a small stall called Shimino. It sells Japanese crepe.

There was a flat screen TV showing girls in Japan squatted beside the road munching the crepe. Since it was so popular in Japan I think it would be nice. But I didn’t see any queue in front of the stall.

There were many replica Japanese crepe displayed at the stall. All look appealing. We had a hard time choosing the flavor we want.
Butter cake with organic blueberry? NO…
Banana with cream? NO…
We chose Chocolate Cake with Banana at last.

Chocolate cake in a crepe? >__________
But when I got the crepe and started chewing, I mumbled in my heart that WEIRD ≠ awful taste.

The chocolate cake was moist and chocolaty.
The crepe was soft and had a strong taste of milk and egg.
The sliced banana, of course tasted like banana..=P.
It was awesome to have banana, chocolate cake, fresh cream and crepe all together in my mouth.
However it would be nicer if the fresh cream was colder.

I was given a small spoon which I think was used to spoon the fillings but I would recommend you guys to eat them all together instead of tasting the fillings one by one.

We went to IKEA, not for furniture but for the food.
Me: Is there any shorter route then can lead me to the IKEA foodcourt without having to pass through the IKEA display floor?
My girl : I don’t know wor…..

And the next second she pointed at the signboard just above her and I saw : SHORTCUT to IKEA food court.Hmm …so I still need to pass through the display floor.Never mind, at least there was a short cut.We were not that hungry.Just we miss the food in IKEA.It was crowded as usual.We ordered the chicken whole leg with Swedish herb and lemon sauce and also kid’s spaghetti.

The chicken was tender and well marinated.However the hard boiled potato and carrot was a no no to me. The herb taste had overpowered the potato taste. I just didn’t like the herb taste.

The spaghetti was not strong in taste. The sauce was a bit dilluted. A very healthy kind of pasta but I prefer creamy and rich flavour pasta.

We saw people queing for IKEA curry puffs and hotdog bun. So we also “kepoh” went to join the queue and ordered one hotdog bun. And we ate the sausage, leaving the bun.

Got a pump of mustard and chilli sauce for the sausage. Pipping hot sausage. Very nice.

Went to SS2 murni. We had passed by Murni for a few times but didn’t get the chance to try it out as the places was fully occupied. And today was raining day, we spotted two empty table when passing by so we quickly get a parking and get ourselves a seat there.

Didn’t know what to call as we were quite full. Thought of ordering Mee Raja but we saw the table next to us was having it and the portion was very HUGE. So we order only a humble Roti Hawaii.

I thought people always say you can order whatever you like in SS2 Murni. We playfully asking for teh tarik blended but the waiter replied me with a thousand question mark on his head : ” teh tarik blended? tak adak..”
we : ” =(. ok… teh ais.”

HELLO, teh tarik blended so hard to make meh? just make a cup of teh tarik and blend it with ais la. =(.
Haven tried their food already not happy with the service.
Roti Hawaii.
There were diced sausages, minced burger meat, cheese, diced pineapple wrapped with roti canai. The roti was a bit cold when it reached our table. It was just average in taste.

Sausage in the roti..=.=

Back home..start editing photos and do my blogging.

Jiang jiang jiang jiang..cute right? My girl bought this from Ikano power Center cold storage and she requested me to take a photo on them, and post it…=.=

The back of the boxes was cutely designed with Poker cards in ” Scissors, Rock , Paper” ( 剪刀石头布)

It was as small as my thumb. =)