Restoran Roy Fatt @ Seri Kembangan

My girl: ” I want to eat wantan mee. I W-A-N-T TO EAT WANTAN MEE~~~~~~
Me: ” aiyoh…where to get you wantan mee now wor…”
My girl: ” ooo…hao lo. Then eat vegetarian food.”

There we went for vegetarian economy rice at Seri Kembangan but once I get my car parked, my girl saw the word ” 全旦面” at a shop in front of my parking place.

My girl: ” I dowan eat vegetarian rice liaw.” ( Half jumping)
Me: ” Then?” ( aiyoh why she kept changing her mind)
My girl: ” I want eat the one” ( pointing to the wantan mee stall)
Me: You sure? ( >__
My girl: “en en.” ( nodded hard)
Me: “ok.” ( =D )

Hmm I had never pay attention to this shop before.

This shop actually famous for their ngar choy gei ( bean sprout with steamed chicken), roasted pork, roasted chicken, and char siu. Many people queuing to da bao their chicken rice during lunch hour, despite they was another famous chicken rice shop at another far end after the junction.

Herbal Tea in Beer Mug. =S

Wantan mee soup.
It was ordinary in taste but she happily slurping down the bowl of mee.

Got wantan…a few miserable stalk of green….

and char siu…=)

Unlimited chilli paste.
Garlicky and not-so-spicy.

I ordered roasted pork and steamed chicken. Quite flavourful and up to standard.

After the meal, we went over to Jusco for some walking to “cut off some fat” . As we wandering around the supermarket, we get sample and sample of drinks. Anlene milk, Dutch lady strawberry milk, Nesvita milk, Nestle ice cream, Tropica fruit juice, Homesoy soy milk, Nestle yogurt drink…and more…wakakakaka. And we ended up adding weight instead of burning fat.

We collected some cute cups, for no reasons.