Dim Sum @ Six Happiness Garden Restaurant, Ampang [CLOSED DOWN]

My family and me used to have our Sunday dim sum at Six Happiness Garden Restaurant in Shaw Parade last time. Unfortunately, the restaurant was closed down and replaced with another restaurant which also serving dim sum long time ago. But today, I am so lucky enough and accidentally found it again at Ampang after repairing my car. Six Happiness Garden dim sum! Here we come! I really miss it so much…

It was a two storey building located at the main road of Jalan Ampang. Old Town White Cofee was just beside it only.

For your information, Six Happiness Garden Restaurant was owned by Empurau Fish Restaurant (Ampang) Sdn. Bhd.

Luxury dining environment.

So, lets have a look on what we had for our dim sum…

Pan Fried Chinese Chive With Shrimp Dumpling. (RM8.00)

Steamed Rice Flour Roll With BBQ Pork. (RM8.00)

Steamed Siu Mai. (RM8.00)

Steamed Pork Ribs With Black Bean Sauce. (RM8.00)

Steamed Chicken Feet With Brown Sauce. (RM6.00)

Special Steamed Shrimps Dumpling. (RM8.00)

Steamed Minced Fish Dumpling. (RM6.00)

Fried Carrot Cake. (RM8.00)

Shanghai Dumpling. (RM8.00)
This shanghai dumpling was really dissapointed me. The skin was very thick.

Steamed Lo Mai Kai. (RM8.00)

We ordered 11 items and our total bill was RM94.50 at the end. Since we had it in restaurant, the price will surely not cheap. Well, the quality and taste of the dim sum was not that nice compared to last time. I tell myself, “maybe the chef was different, thats why the taste was a bit normal”. I think I will go back here for dim sum again. Hopefully the dim sum will taste better on my next visit.

Six Happiness Garden Restaurant,
2-1 & 3-1,
Jln AWF,
Ampang Waterfront,
68000 Ampang,