Fruitland @ SS15 [CLOSED DOWN]

Just finished accompanying my girl for doctor and it was lunch time. Not wanted to go back to the “desert place” ( Cyberjaya) immediately, we went to this shop called Fruitland for a simple lunch.
There are rows of dolls aligning at the shelves. So cute.
I had never heard of this shop before but surprisingly, when I looked at their name card, I realised they have shops in Ikano Power Center, Ipoh and Jusco Cheras Selatan etc.
My girl ordered the Spaghetti in Black Pepper Sauce with Minced Chicken set with the price of RM8.90. It was a set lunch with appetizer and dessert. For me, I ordered from the ala carte menu, Fish Chop & Chips.
Honeydew Lolo
We only add on another RM1.90 for this bowl of refreshing dessert.
Icy cold shaved ice with cubed honey dew with sago and cold fresh milk was definitely a perfect combination in this sweating hot afternoon.
Two small pieces of fried tofu with some Thai style garnishing of sliced cucumber, onion and Thai sauce. It came with a spoon size salad as well. Both of them were quite refreshing.
Pudding that came with the set. My girl cut them into small pieces and put into the iced shaved honey dew. Hoho…the pudding went down the throat smoothly with the honey dew milk perfectly.

hmm…this doesn’t look appetizing at all. A bed of black pepper sauce floating the spaghetti made my girl felt yucky looking at it. My girl suggested that it may be nicer if the sauce was served seperately in a bowl, for the sake of better presentation. haha
Girl: Want to have a taste?
Me: ok ah..
Girl: How was it?
Me: ……
Girl: Not nice ah?
Me: er……
Okay..the spaghetti didn’t taste like spaghetti. It tasted more like yee mee. I didn’t like the spaghetti at all but my girl claimed that it wasn’t that awful in taste and she manage to finish the whole plate of spaghetti. I think it is because she likes yee mee a lot. >__<
Fish Chop & Chips. (RM10.90)
This was not bad. I like the breaded deep fried fish chop that was very crispy on the outside but juicy in the inside. The French fries was way too normal to be comment as they were from those frozen French fries I could easily buy in any hypermarket. However, their house special sauce was tangy and lovely.
Overall, their food are just average but I would say that this is a very ideal place for friends gathering as well as to hold small party. Or it can be the choice of place to have some nice ice shaved during hot afternoon if you found that Snowflake is too crowded. heee
Fruity Lolo
No.58-1st Floor,
Jalan SS15/4D,
47500 Subang Jaya,