Sushi Zanmai (Part 2) @ Sunway Pyramid

“I ate one piece of salmon sushi, one piece of tuna sushi, two pieces of soft shell crab maki, one miso soup and a few spoons of ebidon…a lot hor…? Charm…fat liaw… “ My girl was counting the amount of food in her stomach after finishing her dinner at Sushi Zanmai. I didn’t know how much is considered as “a lot” to her but I only know that the amount of Japanese rice in my stomach was double and triple comparing to hers one.

My girl had been talking about sushi for almost one week. All that in her mind was just sushi sushi and sushi. I got infected by her sushi disease and think of sushi all day long too..zzz. We “beh tahan” so we paid a second visit to Sushi Zanmai at Sunway Pyramid. The first time was about a year ago..time flies.

We took a few plates of sushi from the conveyer belt and some made upon order food.

Tamago sushi ( RM1.80).
The Tamago was very sweet..Not nice.

Salmon sushi.(RM3.80)
Very normal.

Tuna sushi ( RM3.80)
Below average.

Soft shell crab maki (RM6.80).
Sushi roll filled with soft shell crab and topped with fish roe. This sushi has a very decent combination with the mayonnaise served. Second time ordering this I and I didn’t mind having this again, though the soft shell crab was a bit too oily.

Ebidon ( RM8.80)
Very very big portion of rice, even though I ordered for small. It came pipping hot and I like the egg which was nicely coated above the prawn tempura. Too bad the prawn tempura was soggy, mostly due to the water absorption from the rice and egg. Nonetheless, it was nice.

Miso soup ( RM2.80).
This was my girl order. She said she only felt like consuming liquid base food. Miso soup is her all time favourite which she usually won’t miss out in Japanese restaurant. This bowl of soup was awesome according to her. Ample amount of tofu, seaweed and tiny mushroom. Those brown colour “balls” were actually mushroom. heee.. CUTE neh.

Overall, I would say that the standard at Sushi Zanmai has gone down. I was quite dissapointed as the taste wasn’t as nice as the one I had a year ago. During that time, there was a great response from many people about their good food and I always agree with that but now, I starts to wonder the long queue in front of Sushi Zanmai during the peak hour of dining time.


Lot 0B2-F1,

Sunway Pyramid,

46150 Bandar Sunway,
Petaling Jaya, Selangor.