Snogurt @ SS15, Subang

Have been passing by Snogurt at SS15 for a few times, but everytime when we pass by it is already closed as we will usually go to that area after 10 o’ clock at night. But so happen we were there tonight to have dinner at Peppercone cafe, and my girl claimed that she want to have something sweet to overcome the unhappinies from the unhappy meal at Peppercone cafe. So I brought her there.

There are various types of flavours available such as green apple, strawberry, chocolate, mango, laici and not forgetting the most common one… original flavour, which is also called Just Snogurt at Snogurt. And I chose strawberry flavour.

So what you gonna do is take the cup which prepared there, pick up the choices of Snogurt that you want and fill it up! A bit too plain after filling up the cup? Well… You can put in some toppings to decorate your cup of Snogurt. Pay at the counter and you are done! Just follow the 3 simple steps above, fun right?

Well this was the first time I played around with the machine. I was not familiar with the speed and volume of the frozen yogurt (Snogurt called them Snoggy) pumping out from the machine so I get stunned when it flowed out from the machine and I just stood there and let the snoggy filling up the cup until my girl shouted at me: ” WEY WEY WEY…Stop stop stop..enough liawww…”  >_

Hee… how does it look? not bad heh? My girl put in two marshmallow when we were choosing the topping, and she said : ” Choose those light light in weight and big big in size one..”  >__

We added up with some colouful sugar bits and chocolate chips and headed to the counter for payment..counting in heart the price of this small cup of snoggy. We were quite happy when the total price screen showing RM6.90 and happier when the pretty cashier gave us a 20% discount as we presented student card, making the snoggy priced at less than RM5… Yeehoo…

Uhmmm… instanly melt…

Before we left, I notice that the lightings there are quite attracting. So, I snap a photo on it and make some photoshop effect. Tadaa… Looks like many moon on the sky at night. Haha…


No. 9, SS15/7,
47500, Subang Jaya,