Macaroons @ Babycakes Sweet Shoppe, G Tower

Today’s Quote: Macarons are meant to be sweet, and is especially needed to neutral up sour face. ^_^V

My girl is getting more and more depress from day to day.
I know this is her all- time-pattern when final exam is approaching.
But I don’t want to have a all-time-sour-face girlfriend…  U___U
So, I know is time to track for macarons again. >_

I don’t know is it my thinking is too easy to be guessed or my girl is too good in guessing, she knew that I will be buying her macarons from Babycakes Sweet Shoppe at G Tower when I went back home today.

This means —>>> NO SURPRISE

Well, depression doesn’t make her become dumb in guessing.

Luckily I did not bring my girl along,
Else she will be asking : ” Can I bring another dozen of those boxes back  home?”

Good quote. No wonder my girl likes macarons.

woohoo.. macarons stack… pretty nice… =)

From left to right (Velvet Rope, Green Tea or Me, Caramel Sutra, Chocolate Daddy, Obsesame, Mind My Coconuts, Morange Blossom and Pink Berry)

Babycakes macarons are wonderful.
They have very thin, light and crispy shell.
Biting through the shell, I felt a moist and but not overly soft texture beneath it, and followed with a very rich and flavorful filling.
Though sweet, my girl can’t stop eating one after another.
She said Pink Berry is the best.

Their macarons are not as colourful as in other places, but they are elegantly made, just enough to caught my heart. Just one small disappointment : Not all of them came in perfect shape when I bought them back.. >_<.>

But, I like all of them.

Babycakes Sweet Shoppe
Ground Floor,
G City Club Hotel,
199 Jalan Tun Razak,
Kuala Lumpur.