Taiping Lobak

If you ask me which place has nice lobak to eat, I will surely introduce you the Taiping Lobak! It was my all time favourite and I must go for it when going back to hometown. I had eaten it since I was in primary school until now. I could not find any stall in KL or Selangor that is nicer than this one. (or maybe I haven found one yet) So, Taiping Lobak was still the best for me! 

This is the stall that selling lobak.

This uncle was the stall owner. He seems like getting fatter every year. Haha… You see how big size was him. I even saw him sitting there when frying. My mom said: “You see the uncle, he fat until have to sit there to fry things.”

Varieties of lobak such us fish ball, fried prawn, tofu, century egg, lobak and etc.

Tadaa.. A plate which full of varieties of lobak cost us RM10.00. And my dad always complain that the price was high. But I think the price is quite reasonable because it was really crispy and crunchy! The taste of the fried prawn is very nice and I love it. We still want to order one more plate after finish this. Haha….

Too bad I had forgotten the coffee shop name but I can tell you it was situated near to Hua Lian High School. Make sure you don’t go there too late because the lobak is selling fast.